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Real Life Baby Dolls - So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Doll

Anyone can go to Walmart and grab a run of the mill doll or toy baby off the shelf, accessories and all. However, it's not as realistic as these Real Life Baby Dolls. Let's talk about some available versions, and some of the great features that adds to the realism of the whole thing.

real life baby dolls from Newborn Boutique brand.
Here is one of many Realistic Baby Dolls from Newborn Boutique.

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Real Life Baby Dolls - So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Dolls

These Real Life Baby Dolls are exactly as the the name states. Very real looking baby dolls that come in a variety of sizes and expressions This example of Real Life Baby Dolls is the newborn baby girl straight from the nursery. This is the La Newborn Real Girl.

Complete with the pink cloth diaper and a hospital style wrist band. This realistic doll, much like most of the babies available, comes with a birth certificate as well. This is a popular and highly rated version of the doll, but others are available as well. More Details...

My Favorite Choice of the Real Life Baby Dolls - Designed by Denise Farmer

denise farmer cherish real life baby doll
Denise Farmer Cherish realistic Baby Doll and accessories.

This one is even creepier than the one above, but in a very impressive way, if that makes sense. Of course, by "creepy", I mean definitely my favorite one. It is so life like, that it almost seems as though they used a real baby model to take this picture.

At this stage of the game, I would venture to say we are beyond just kids doll toys. We are crossing over into collectible territory in my opinion. They make for the greatest gift ever for any young child obviously, but just like porcelain dolls, I would say these are realistic dolls that you could collect and have a whole nursery display or something.

You get the doll itself, the jumper, the pacifier, and it also comes complete with a hospital wrist band. This version is to obviously depict a newborn baby just out of the delivery room.

As a side note, another cool feature of most of these dolls, is the fact that you get to personalize the Hospital bracelet that's included on the baby's wrist. More Details...

Yesteria Reborn Baby Doll

reborn realistic baby doll girl
Yesteria Reborn Life Like baby Girl Doll and accessories.

Another realistic life like baby doll that is so realistic, it's scary. I chose the one above as my favorite, but it was a toss up between that doll and this doll.

This baby doll has open eyes, whereas the other one is the sleeping style. These are carefully hand crafted babies that are painted with great detail by human hands. You can actually get two different sizes, including this one here which is 22 inches, or a slightly younger style at 15 inches. Both of which are under $100 dollars.

This one and the other baby dolls are all made with a soft vinyl silicone material, which allows for a very realistic styling in the manufacturing process, and also provides a closer to real life skin texture. It's not exactly like real skin obviously, but compare it to some cheap hard plastic you find at a traditional type of doll. Definitely closer to real life than some plush limbs. They used an acrylic material to make very life like eyes that stay wide open and stare into your soul.

I should point out though, that while they spent a ton of time making very close to real life detail to the facial features, limbs and fingers, the body is just a cotton filled, and cloth covered torso. Unlike the other options that have a complete silicone styled, and detailed body.

The hair is a fibrous material that can be cut or styled like real human hair.

While the sales page for this baby doll would describe it as a female baby doll, this is only due to the feminine accessories, such as the pink hat and soother. The baby's body itself is actually gender neutral.

This real life baby doll comes with the following accessories:

  • Pink Soother
  • Pink Hat
  • White and Pink baby outfit

While it only comes with the one outfit, what's interesting, is the baby's body size is so similar to that of a real human newborn baby, that you can fit it into just about any regular baby clothes. More Details...

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