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Remote control rat

remote control rat check price of the remote control rat here. Get the remote control rat, or heck just get a bunch of them and create an entire remote control infestation!

If you ever needed space around you, and just needed some alone time, you can clear the area with a disgusting rodent that moves on your command. Just like that “Willard” Movie. The two button control is a left and a right. Make him glad along, or make him spin.

The rat’s eyes glow red when you are pressing the buttons. He (or she?) is quiet operating so you can sneak up on people. Like a ninja rat!

Battery operated, and you can control the rat up to 50 feet!

uncle milton radio control rat This one is a bit more creepy. It is from the very well known Uncle Milton brand, who makes a lot of interesting electronic toys and games. They call this the Uncle Milton's Radio control rat. It features realistic scurrying action as they put it. This one has more realism details including messy looking crafted hair and one eye missing. This is a rat that has been through some things, and has seen some crazy things. This is not a cute or adorable rat, this is a scary and mean looking creature that will frighten your friends and family when they first see it moving around the house. Click the image of this mean rat to find more details about this one or to browse through a bunch of other similar remote control rodents and creatures in general. This brand also offers radio controlled snakes, spiders and more. mini remote control rc mouse kids If you are just looking for an inexpensive option to keep a small child entertained for a while, you could take a look at this radio controlled mini rat. They call this one the Mini Remote Control mouse for kids aged 3 and up. It comes with what you see pictured here. The mini basic mouse on wheels, and an RC remote control with two simple buttons that makes it easy to operate by any small kid. Click the image of the grey mouse you see here to find more product details and to read through customer reviews by people who have purchased these toys. You will also find many other RC toy options of all kinds.

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