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Remote control rat: The Best RC Rat Toys

If you're looking for a pet but don't want to deal with the litter box, hairballs or shedding, then maybe it's time to get a robot rodent!

Get the remote control rat, or heck just get a bunch of them and create an entire remote control infestation!

Watch Some Remote Control Rat Prank Videos:

Watch this video of remote control rat pranks. It should inspire you to get out there and be a jerk just like these people. If you are not annoying the heck out of your fellow man, you aren't really living. 



#1 Red Eye Remote Control Rat

remote control rat









If you ever needed space around you, and just needed some alone time, you can clear the area with a disgusting rodent that moves on your command. Just like that “Willard” Movie. The two button control is a left and a right. Make him glad along, or make him spin.

The rat’s eyes glow red when you are pressing the buttons. He (or she?) is quiet operating so you can sneak up on people. Like a ninja rat!

Battery operated, and you can control the rat up to 50 feet!

*Update: Unfortunately it appears as though this particular remote control rat is no longer available.

#2 Uncle Milton's Scary Remote Control Rat

uncle milton remote control rat
uncle miltons remote control rat from amazon.

This rat is a bit more creepy. It's from the Uncle Milton brand, who makes all sorts of interesting electronic toys and games!

They call this one the Uncle Milton Radio Control Rat. This toy features realistic scurrying action as they put it. But there are some other things that make this rodent just downright scary- including messy looking hair and an eye missing!

Apparently, he has seen some crazy stuff in his day like you wouldn’t believe.


#3 Remote Control Mouse

remote control mouse rc rat toy

buy the remote control mouse rc rat online on amazon here.

If you are just looking for an inexpensive option to keep a small child entertained for a while, you could take a look at this radio controlled mini rat. Though I would say it's technically a mouse, not a rat.

They call this one the Mini Remote Control mouse for kids aged 3 and up. It comes with what you see pictured here.

The mini basic mouse on wheels, and an RC remote control with two simple buttons that makes it easy to operate by any small kid. 

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