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Remote Control Robot

This Remote Control Robot is the WowWee Robosapien Humanoid Toy Robot with Remote Control.

Performs about 80 different commands including 6 different kung fu moves, dance, burp, high five and many others.

remote control robot

check price of the remote control robot here.

Find a range of versions of the Remote Control Robot through the following link, besides the example you see here: Browse all Remote Control Robots here.


There are other Remote Control Robot options are available through the links on this page, so plenty to choose from.

This Robosapien robot toy has plenty of customer reviews to read, with the vast majority being on the positive side.

Depending on your budget, you would not consider this to be a “cheap toy”. The remote is very elaborate which could be interpreted as a good thing, because it means there are a lot of actions being performed.

On the other hand, the complexity limits this toy to a more mature audience as opposed to a really young child.

transformers optimus prime remote control robot toy

This one is Optimus Prime from the Transformers. To be exact, they call this one the Transformers remote control Optimus Prime vehicle.

This a small and very inexpensive toy that converts from truck to robot. You use the simple remote control buttons to make the conversion.

It's a simple set that comes with the vehicle, the remote, and instructions. See more details about this one or other similar remote control Transformer toys by clicking the image of Optimus Prime you see here.

There seems to be a large number of positive customer reviews on this one, with the vast majority of them being positive.

annie interactive voice command talking space robot

This one is for smaller kids, yet it has a lot more button options and features than the ones above.

They call this one Annie.

It is an interactive voice command talking and action robot. This robot can do several different things, including talk, shoot, walk, sing dance, and tell stories and jokes.

Annie will also respond intelligently to 12 different phrases, which allows your child to communicate directly with Annie in some limited capacity.

All these features can be controlled using the remote control you see pictured here. The one shown here is white, but you can get this same robot in a silver version as well.

Click the image of the Annie robot to see more visuals of the toy and to read all about it and how to buy it.

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