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Remote Control Snake

Find the right remote control snake for your snake prank needs. Let's talk about various choices available online to scare the pants off of some unsuspecting victim. Some are more realistic than others. Some don't need to be realistic, as they are just meant to be simple toys for children. If realism is the main goal, then we will also talk about some realistic lifelike rubber snake toys. Let's begin!
uncle milton orange remote control snake
This is the orange version of the Uncle Milton Remote Control Snake.

check price of the remote control snake here.

Uncle Milton's Remote Control Snake

   This Remote Control Snake operates with a 4 directional remote, and is easy to operate. The slithering action is created by the segments of the snake. You can move the snake forwards, backwards, left and right. This is a basic snake design toy by the Uncle Milton brand. The eyes will light up when the toy is in use. It works most ideally on hard and smooth surfaces, which means it may or may not work correctly on non smooth surfaces such as the grass in the backyard or on the carpet, which is somewhat disappointing given that this is a snake.

I wouldn't consider this one of the most realistic RC snakes available, but it basically does the job just fine. If you think about it, you just need something to slither and move enough to be caught in the corner of your victim's eyes to freak them out in a split second.

Read more about this remote control snake, or browse through a wide selection of other RC snakes and rodents available from this source by clicking the image of the orange snake you see above, or the yellow check price button.

Remote Control Rattle Snake

radio controlled rattle snake toy from cute sunlight brand.
Remote controlled Rattlesnake from Cute Sunlight brand.

   From the Cute Sunlight brand, this one is a rattle snake version of RC toy. It is roughly double the cost of the one discussed above, and is also a bit longer, as it measures 30 inches in length. You can control this snake left and right using the remote control, and it makes snake like sounds while in operation. The tongue also sticks out realistically. You will need to buy the batteries separately. The remote control uses a 9 Volt battery, and the snake itself takes 4 AAA batteries. If you expect this toy to be played with a lot, you would be wise to purchase rechargeable batteries in both cases. Click the image of this RC snake and box to find more product details, buying and shipping information, and to browse through a bunch of other RC snake toys. More Details...

Infrared Snake and Egg Remote Control

rechargeable infrared speckled remote control snake with egg shaped remote control
This RC snake comes equipped with a cool snake egg remote control.

This one is the infrared controlled speckled snake. It comes with an egg shaped remote and a snake like the one you see here. What is great about this option is the fact that this one is rechargeable using a USB port. The entire length of this snake end to end is 16 inches,and this is a remote control snake on the lower end of the cost scale, as it is just a shorter and more simplistic RC toy. Click the image of the speckled snake you see here for more product and buying details. More Details...

Remote Control Cobra Snake

remote control cobra snakes.
   This RC cobra snake comes in a blue version, or a black/brown version.

Here you can see the two versions available of the Naja King Cobra RC snakes. You can choose which one you want upon ordering. There's a blue one and a black/brown one. The tongues are retractable, and they are operated using a cool egg design remote control much like the one discussed above.

Realistic Snake Toy Alternatives

To be honest, I think the technology is somewhat lacking for remote controlled snakes available online. They are great to play with, and they might scare someone who is not expecting it, however, they clearly look like toys, and you can easily hear the rolling wheels along the table or floor. You don't typically hear electronics and wheels in the jungle. If you are looking for a fun toy, then these are super cool and fun. If you are looking for realism and scary, you have to forgo the electronic aspect and find realistic looking rubber snake toys.

Realistic Rubber Snake Toy

realistic rubber snake toy
Realistic looking rubber snake toy. Scary as heck.

This realistic looking toy snake scares me, and I know it's fake. Not as fun to play with without the electronics, but more fun to see the reaction of your friends and family. This one is the MoloTAR 52 inch rubber snake. You can tell they really took the time to give perfect detail in every part of the snake. The scales, the tail, the head, and the belly are all very close to what a real live snake would look like. I even like the way you can curl it up in the grass, or hang it in a tree in a realistic pose. More Details...

Lifelike Yellow Rat Snake Prank Toy

lifelike yellow rat snake toy
Very realistic rubber toy based on a Yellow Rat Snake.

One of the most realistic looking rubber snake toys I have ever seen. The shine of the skin gives it that creepy slimy skin look. Yes, I know, snakes aren't really slimy, they just look that way. But still, the sheen makes it look like it's really alive, and maybe just crawled out of something wet, like a pond, or your toilet. In fact, that gives me an idea. Lay this in the toilet or on the bottom of the bathtub, turn on your phone camera, and wait for the screams! More Details...

More Remote Control Creepiness

Are you looking for more creepy RC Toys other than just snakes? This site has several remote control things, but specifically, I have a remote control rat page. Read about RC creepy Rats here.


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