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Remote Control Zombie Toy

The Remote Control Zombie would be the perfect gift for the zombie lover in your life, or better yet, the perfect purchase to annoy the crap out of the zombie hater in your life.

This dead stiff “comes to life” so to speak, with a remote control, and walks like a slow moving zombie in pursuit of fleshy skull matter.

Actually, it’s not so much a “walk” as it is a “shuffle”. The way a real zombie ought to be.

remote control zombie

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The remote control zombie doesn't just walk like a zombie, he groans like a zombie as well. You would groan too if you were full of flesh wounds, and had been recently woken up from the ultimate state of peaceful rest.Not only that, but the bugs pooping under your eyelids, and the maggots eating the inside of your buttocks, would really get stressful after a while.

Ever wondered what the breath of a zombie smells like? I wouldn't want to know. The Remote Control Zombie groan is perfectly creepy as well, but you will have to watch the videos below to get the full effect.

His arms are adjustable, but his direction is unpredictable. What I find interesting about this zombie toy, is that it may be a bit misleading that they call it a “remote control zombie” when it is barely remotely controlled.

This may be a disappointing aspect of it, or the best part, depending on your outlook on life. The brain shaped remote control is comprised of one simple button, and the remote control zombie toy kind of does whatever it wants.

But I guess that makes sense, since a real zombie would not be very predictable either. It’s creepier that way!

Remote Control Zombie Toy Kit


accoutrements remote control zombie feeding kit

This one is a kit that comes with the exact same RC Zombie Toy that is discussed above, however, this one also comes with some extra treats. It includes Rose pork brains with milk gravy, and some zombie mints.

They call this the zombie feeding kit. Click the image of the zombie kit you see here to find a lot more details about these food items, and learn more about how to buy this securely online.

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