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Wowwee Roboquad - Remote Control Robot Toy

Roboquads are an intelligent robotics toy from WowWee.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors besides just the one depicted in the above image. You can find a red version, and smaller mini versions as well. 

The example seen in the above image is the white full sized version.

Roboquads can react to stimulus and you can change various settings include the aggressiveness of the robot.

Control it directly, or let it do it's own thing choosing from several different modes. 

WowWee Roboquad robotics toy

check price of the Roboquads here.

Very advanced technology for a toy. Mostly positive reviews for this exact Roboquad.

Depending on your budget, Roboquads can cost a pretty penny. You can price compare and read reviews good and bad through the links you see on this page. 

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