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Remote Control Robosapiens Robot Toy

Robosapiens are remote control robots with many cool features and controls.

These WowWee Robosapiens come with a remote control containing a multitude of buttons make your robot perform more than 80 different functions. There is a power switch on his back that wakes him up.

Upon waking up, he yawns and is then ready to be at your command. Robosapiens move fluidly and are designed by robotic engineers from NASA. 

Robosapiens wowee remote control robots



Relatively inexpensive considering the NASA technology.

Cool design and appearance. Tons of good reviews to read through. There is now also a Robosapien v2 and a Robosapien v3.

When you read the reviews for this product, you will notice that most reviews are positive.

However, there are several people who were not satisfied with the Robosapien for several reasons.

A common issue was the difficulty getting Robosapien out of the box. Some people did not like the extra cost of needing a bunch of batteries to operate.

One person felt that some of Robosapien's "behavior" was inappropriate for children, including burping and farting. Read about these issues and others through the links you see on this page.

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