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Rotating Marshmallow Sticks

The Reel Roaster Marshmallow stick can be used for marshmallows or anything else that you can skewer over an open flame.

The coolest thing about this 27 inch long cooking stick, is the rotating function. Get a more even bake with the rotating mechanism.

This is called the “Reel” Roaster, because you will feel like you are fishing and reeling in dinner from the lake. The cranking of the reel is what rotates your meat or marshmallows.

The reel detaches from the metal stick for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. The skewer telescopes, which means it packs away much smaller, and you can manually extend it to length.

rotating marshmallow sticks

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You can buy the Reel Roaster in two versions. One is the blue and green depicted in the image to the left, and the other is a cool looking camouflage version.

More Marshmallow Sticks options

rome marshmallow roasting fork set

The marshmallow sticks you see here are not rotating, but they are another basic option for a group of people.

These are a standard set of marshmallow or hot dog roasting sticks that are forked on the end. The handles have a retro look and feel to them, and they are colored differently, with two of each color.

Reasonably priced and affordable for any camping trip or family get together around the fire pit. There are chrome metal sticks that are approximately 22 inches in overall length.

The main reason I chose to feature this particular set on this page is the huge number of positive ratings that these received by customers who have purchased these online and have personally tried them out.

Read customer reviews, or browse for other similar wiener roasting products by clicking the image of this 8 pack seen here. telescoping camp fire fork

These ones are also fairly highly rated by customers. A very good idea for portability, since these are telescoping camp fire forks.

As you see them in this image, they are not extended, so they are short for travel and storage.

They will extend to your desired length with a maximum of 35 inches total length. Fully extended, they still remain strong and sturdy. Perfect for roasting anything that will fit onto the forks, including marshmallows, hot dog wieners, and so on.

See more camera angles and product details about this 4 pack set of marshmallow sticks by clicking the image of them you see here.

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