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Samurai Umbrella Sword - Katana Umbrella

Get the katana umbrella samurai umbrella sword and watch as people give you a wide berth and stay out of your way. Oh ya, and it keeps you dry too.

If you are a guy, and you are tired of getting wet, then this is for you. The next time your buddy makes fun of you for being a wimp and using an umbrella, just whip out the sword umbrella and stab him in the chest. Just kidding, just hold it to his throat and calmly whisper threats in his ear. He'll get the message.

Samurai Umbrella Sword

samurai umbrella sword handle

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This samurai umbrella sword handled umbrella, is the first of the sword umbrellas I am featuring on this page. It is a samurai sword handle only, and not an actual sword. It is more for looks, and to act as an umbrella.

It has a push button open. The measurements are 39" long by 2.85" wide; 41" opened diameter. It also comes with a nylon ”scabbard” to carry it on your back with an adjustable strap. This umbrella is plenty large enough to keep you dry, and look bad ass while you do it! Read More or buy it here.

Real Samurai Sword Umbrella warrior umbrella cane sword.

All right, now things are about to get real. Literally. This is not just a regular umbrella with a fake sword like the first one. This Samurai umbrella sword can cut back on wetness, and also cut skin, so be careful!

The stainless steel sword is 14 5/8” in length, and hides inside a chamber. To remove the sword from the samurai umbrella, you twist the sword handle, and the sword just slides right out. Perfect for self defense emergencies, or just to show off. But again, seriously, be very careful and responsible with this type of product.

If you are buying this umbrella sword as a gift, make darn sure that the lucky receiver of this gift is someone responsible and/or has experience with weapons.

The overall length of the entire sword umbrella is 35 3/4” long including the canopy. Just like the previous sword umbrella, this too comes with a nylon carrying case to be worn on your back.

Update: As of this moment, the "REAL" sword umbrellas no longer seem to be an option. Probably for obvious safety concerns. If they return, I will update the links.

umbrella sword cane with hook handle.

Another product for responsible shoppers only. So if you think you are adult enough, I will continue. It’s not a Samurai handle like the previous two sword umbrellas, but it’s pretty cool looking. It is a real sword that unscrews from the umbrella chamber like the other one. The difference with this one is the cane handle shape. With this sword umbrella, you will look very sharp, in more ways than one. The stainless steel blade is 15.5”, the overall sword length is 23”. Entire length of the whole sword umbrella including the canopy is 36”. This sword umbrella does not include a carrying case like the previous two sword umbrellas.

Samurai Umbrella Sword Umbrella FAQs

Do these Sword Umbrellas work as real umbrellas? Yes, these sword umbrellas are effective for keeping you as dry as any other regular umbrella.

Are these sword umbrellas effective as real swords? As mentioned in the descriptions above, some of these umbrellas are also real swords, whereas some of them are just for show. The ones that are real should be treated with a great deal of responsibility.

How do I buy a Samurai Sword Umbrella? Click on any of the links on this page to go to the source store where you can order your sword umbrella or to get more information on this particular product.

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