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Seat Pet - The Pet Seat Belt for Kids

The Seat Pets are more than just a goofy stuffed animal for the car. It actually serves a few handy purposes.

For one thing, the giant head of the animal provides a comfortable pillow for those long car ride naps. It also has several pockets for storing items like toys and games etc.

Seat Pets are pet seat belts that easily strap to the seat belt, which means they can also be easily removed to be taken on the go

seat pet

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The Seat Pet is sold in a whole wide range of styles and designs to suit the personality of your child. Browse them all and see more images and videos through this following link: Browse all Seat Pets here..

The Seat Pets are made in a huge range of styles and creatures. The above image demonstrates the Seat Pets. It straps to the seat belt, provides a headrest, has pockets and pouches for storage, and best of all, it provides a new best friend to your child. Read more about them, see more images, watch a video, or buy one through the following link: Read More About it or Buy it Here.

Tons of wonderful customer feedback reviews to read through. Do that through the provided links on this page.

Machine washable. Provides a good traveling pillow for naps without a sore neck. Encourages the seat belt to remain on for those pesky children out there that tend to unbuckle when mom and dad are not looking.

Not an issue for most children, but let’s call that a bonus feature for some.

While most people reported great success with this product, there is a couple reviews stating that it didn’t work well for them. In one case, it seemed like a waste that their child’s head tilted to the other side anyway, so it went unused for the most part. Read reviews and product descriptions and judge for yourself.

teenage mutant ninja turtles seat pets leonardo

Like I mentioned above, seat pets come in a wide range of characters and types, and this example is no exception to that.

Due to the latest resurgence in popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, they now have a line of seat pets of the turtles.

This one here is Leonardo, but you can find all the others as well from this same source. Click the image of this ninja turtle seat pet to read more about this one, or to start browsing through all the other seat pet options.

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