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Shark Sleeping Bag for Adults and Kids

Why should kids have all the fun? You can also get shark sleeping bags for adults. 

This Shark Sleeping Bag here is the Chumbuddy 3 Shark Adult Size Sleeping Bag and Designer Plush Figure. Looks like you are getting devoured by a shark while you sleep. The dorsal fin can be removed to use as a pillow.

shark sleeping bag for adults or for kids

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The Shark Sleeping Bag

The Shark Sleeping bag comes in different sizes for both kids and adults. What you see here is just one example. Check them all out through the following link: Browse all Shark Sleeping Bags here.

Shark Sleeping Bag Pros:

Great customer review ratings. Available in sizes ranging from the junior version to the adult version. Very good as a comfortable and warm sleeping bag and not just a cheap novelty item. Removable dorsal fin to use as a pillow.

Shark Sleeping Bag Cons:

Depending on your budget, you may find this product to be on the costly size.

Shark Sleeping Bags for Kids

chumbuddy junior shark sleeping bag

Chumbuddy Kids Shark Sleeping Bag

This is also the Chumbuddy brand of shark sleeping bags. However, this one is the Chumbuddy junior, which is a smaller size more suitable for children.

This is the grey shark version. It is more than just a sleeping bag though, it is also a stuffed shark toy. One cool feature is the removable dorsal fin that acts as a pillow. Great for easy portability and storage.

A unique sleeping bag, as well as a new friend for your child. See more about this one, and browse through a selection of other similar unique sleeping bags available from this source by clicking the image of the sleeping child seen here.

Killer Whale Sleeping Bags

snore-ca killer whale sleeping bag

Sharks are not the only type of sleeping bag of this kind. You can also get sleeping bags that are killer whales like the one you see here.

This one is called the snore-ca (rhymes with orca). Get these for kids or adults just like the chumbuddy. See more details about this one and others by clicking the image of the killer whale sleeping bag you see here.

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