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What is a SheWee and How to Use a SheWee

I originally added the SheWee to this website years ago when I first saw it. This is definitely a "weird product". However, I decided to come back and completely rethink this post.

Yes, it's funny, and goofy, and weird and all that fun stuff. But I have a wife and a daughter, and there have been many times when this would have come in handy, so they have already ordered theirs.

First let's talk about what a SheWee actually is. What is a SheWee? This is a portable device designed to help girls and women urinate standing up more easily. The device is reusable and can be cleaned easily. Men and boys have more flexibility in "urination accommodation" so to speak.

The purple shewee kit with hose and travel container

The SheWee gets shared on social media as a funny little concept that sparks jokes and gets dismissed as something silly.

I would like to discuss some reasons as to why these travel urination devices should be taken more seriously as a tool that could be more in common use.

How to Use a SheWee

Demo how does the shewee work?

The Shewee is a simple concept in concept, but takes a bit of practice. The short answer is its an elongated funnel that you put in your pants between your legs.

You pee on it and the funnel guides it away from you.

Some kits will include an extension hose to really make sure it goes where you intend for it to go.

Most kits also include a container to put it back into for easier travel. 

Common Negative Comments about the SheWee

-Many people shrug it off as a silly thing that is unnecessary. Ok, it's fun to mess around and see what it's like to pee like the boys, but so what? What's the point?

-Some people have concerns (and rightfully so) about cleanliness. How do I clean it? Where do I put it after I've used it? What if I make a mess? Does it smell?

-I've seen product reviews on these types of products that basically say they don't work, because they end up leaking and getting on their clothes anywhere, no matter how much practice has taken place.

So then with all these concerns and more, why bother with a device like this? Let me respond do these concerns and more.

Why a Shewee?

1. First of all, it's not just a little toy or gadget to goof around and act like the boys when you are drunk.

There are endless scenarios where you could find yourself in a pickle and really need a bathroom, and there are none to be found, or better yet, there's a bathroom, but the seat is disgusting.

a) How many times have you been jealous of your male counterparts on a road trip?

Sure, there's a vast field or ditch in nature to do your business, but there are cars going by, and a bunch of dudes with you.

For you to get the job done, it may require that you reveal a little more than you were hoping for.

With a Shewee, or any other similar type of device, you might have a bit of an easier time completing the task in private.

b) There are times (perhaps the same road trip from the previous example) where a toilet is available, such as a roadside port a potty, a gas station, or an outhouse.

Ok, it's a toilet...great! But it might be disgusting.

Men don't have to worry about the filthy toilet fact, they are probably the reason why you are in this predicament in the first place.

Some people may point out you could just clean the toilet seat. Well, this is true, but who wants to do that while doing the pee pee dance, and besides, why should you have to do that? You don't work there!

On a serious note here, I know I probably don't need to tell you, but I should point out the real risk of diseases in these public settings. Keep your distance.

c) While camping, some of the same issues discussed above may come up in regards to privacy issues.

But the main issues in this scenario, are sitting on a cold filthy outhouse toilet, and who  knows what's down there?

There could be monsters! Those monsters might just be in your head, but it still matters.

Speaking of camping, have you ever had to take the dark night time journey to the outhouse, getting spooked at every sound you hear in the distance, and having to pester your friend or loved one to make the trip with you?

Well, now you can be sneaky and do your business a little bit nearer to your campsite. Technically you are not supposed to do that, but trust me...guys do it all the time.

We took a family camping trip in the woods to a little cabin in bear country.

We had to set up a pail with a bit of water in it to use as a temporary toilet inside the cabin. Then, we would dump it out in the outhouse in the morning. Gross! 

The girls had to use this old bucket at night unless they really wanted to grab the flashlight and hope there are no bears. 

The boys just had to step a few feet from the cabin entrance and be done with it.

c) Pregnancy and injuries can make it difficult to get up and down using the toilet. The Shewee can possibly assit with this, depending on your exact situation. Something to consider.

2. The portability of the SheWee leads to some legitimate logistical questions. Where do I put it? How do I clean it? 

a) Depending on the unit you choose, many of these devices come with handy ways to keep it together in a travel kit, but you can also keep the whole thing in a ziploc style bag just to be safe.

b) In most scenarios, you may have access to a sink to rinse it off real good when you are done and clean it more thoroughly when you get home. 

I think it should really be emphasized here that the main purpose is provide a solution to a problem in a specific situation.

Some minor inconvenience may be worth a bit of extra prepping and planning.

c) You can also plan ahead by having wipes with you.

Because of the type of material these units are made of, you can easily clean them with wet wipes.

SheWee actually also sells special wipes and chemicals for cleaning them without water. 

SheWee also has products for washing your hands without water after the fact.

They really have thought of everything. Like an entire bathroom in package. Of course you don’t have to get them from them, you can find these products basically anywhere online or your local stores.

In other words, these products do have some shortcomings as far as logistics go, but you are weighing the downside of preparing ahead with ziplocs etc, vs the downside of lack of privacy or other possible embarrassing outcomes.

3. Do they actually work or do they leak like some of the reviewers said?

The Shewee has many different types and styles, and there are also alternative brands and knock offs.

The actual official Shewee has a lot of good reviews.

Most of the bad reviews are from other similar products that are flimsy and not designed very well.

That being said, it is a one size fits all type of product, which means it simply may not work well for every single person who tries it.

You may need a bit of practice when you first get one. You would hate to find it it's the wrong product for you when you are in the moment and end up with wet pants.

What Kinds of SheWees Can You Buy?

The actual Shewee brand sells a few different kits in a bunch of different colors, but most of them are the same basic idea. It's a funnel for your pants in which you attach the hose. It's a simple concept.

Though it should be noted that the extension hose is an extra feature depending on the kit you choose. Same can be said about travel kits.

But if you really want to personalize, you can choose from the following 10 colors:

shewee 10 colors.

  • White
  • Light Purple
  • Dark Purple
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Orange
  • Beige


Where Can You Buy a SheWee

You can order them online from the actual Shewee brand in the UK. (Not an affiliate link).

It's a great site to see what all the options are, but for faster shipping options you might consider getting a Shewee from Amazon here. (This is an Affiliate link, which means I would get a small portion of any Amazon transaction you make after clicking it at no extra cost to you. Thank you!)

What Does a SheWee Cost?

Most SheWee kits fall in the $10-$15 range USD. It depends on the kits and accessories you choose.

This company also makes other products related to these issues, such as portable toilets that you pee into using these devices, and many other things of that nature.

In Summary

I would not make the argument that everyone should buy these urinary devices for the sake of saying "I'm going to pee like a boy now, I'm done sitting on toilets, with this revolutionary gadget!".

It's a great solution to a number of female problems in a pinch.

The benefits far outweigh the shortcomings. 



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