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Best Smartphone Projectors - Smartphone Projector 2.0 Review (and Other Smartphone Projector Options)

A cool combination of modern technology and old school technology. I have seen instructions online on how to build something like this at home, but it would be way easier to just buy one all ready to go like this.

Place your smartphone in the back and it projects to the wall nice and large to create your own personal home theater.

It's a nice idea in theory but I think these cheap projectors lack a little in quality, unless you are just looking for a kids toy.

Let's talk about these, as well as higher quality smartphone projectors.


Get the Smartphone Projector here! (This is an Amazon affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission if you click it then buy something within 24 hours. Thank You).

Other Smartphone Projector Options

Fizz Creations Polaroid Cardboard Smartphone Projector

fizz creations polaroid cardboard smartphone projector

You may have seen this one around. The Polaroid style smartphone projector. It works in very similar fashion as the Smartphone Projector 2.0. Both have minimal visual quality, but inexpensive. You get what you pay for.

Get the Polaroid Cardboard Smartphone Projector from Amazon Here.

Spectre Smartphone 3D Hologram Projector

spectre 3d smartphone projector

This is a 3D hologram creator that sits on top of your smartphone. This is a fun form of entertainment and it's inexpensive. Makes a good stocking stuffer, but I wouldn't say it's good for watching projected videos. It plays with specific file types in the app that accompanies it.

The Best Smartphone Projector

 If you just want a fun toy for not much money, you can consider any of the above smartphone projectors. They are great as a kids toy. 

But if you have the money to spend and you actually want something that works, then you want the T.M.Y Smartphone Projector.

T.M.Y Smartphone Projector

 tmy smartphone projector

It works with more devices than just smartphones. I was actually surprised at how inexpensive it is on Amazon for what you get.

More details on Amazon here.

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