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Smencils and Smens - Smelly Pens (Where to Buy or How to Make)

These are called Smencils and Smens smelly pens. No, this is not a typo. They are smelly pens and pencils.

They are wrapped with recycles newspaper, then dipped in safe non toxic liquids that absorb into the paper causing them to smell. But don’t worry, they do not smell bad. In fact, they smell delicious!

The scents are based on yummy food products that tickle your tongue and make you drool! Ok, maybe they are not quite that strong, but they are definitely pleasantly noticeable.

smencils and smens

check price of the smencils and smens here.

The pens are only available in a regular black ink version.

Smens: The smelly pens aka “Smens” come in a pack of 10 different gourmet food smells or “flavors”. You can not selectively choose the scents individually, you must buy a complete 10 pack.

The barrel of the pens are wrapped with recycled newspaper, and dipped in safe non toxic smelly chemicals. The smells will last up to 2 years! Which is incredible if you think about it.

They store away in a freshness tube for safe keeping. They also come with a zippered carrying pouch for easy mobility.

Smens come as the following scents or “flavors”:

-Black Licorice

-Red Licorice



-Pink Lemonade

-Passion Fruit

-Caramel Corn

-Ninja Berry -Banana

-Fo Fana


You can now also get a Holiday version of the Smen. They come as a 5 pack of the following smells: -Ginger Bread -Candy Cane -Sugar Plum -Cinnamon -Holiday Cheer

Where Do You Get Smencils?

The best place to get Smens and Smencils is from 

the vat19 Smens Page HERE! (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny bit of money if you went there and bought something, at no extra cost to you. Thank you!)

Smencils: Smencils are basically the same idea as the Smen, except they are pencils....duh! Smencils are available in a standard gray graphite, or in colored graphite packs. They also have erasers like a normal pencil.

Smencils come as the following scents or “flavors”: -Cherry Vanilla -Gum-E-Bear -Juicy Melon -Kinda Cola -Pearrr-Fect -Pompava -Razzle Berry -Sorta Soda -Syrup-Dipity -Waffle Cone

Smencils also have a holiday version available. I won’t list them here because they are the exact same gourmet flavors as the smens listed above.

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