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Snap Caps

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Snap caps for soda cans are ingenious and practical. With snap caps, you can turn a soda can into a bottle. As the name suggests, you simply snap the lid onto the soda can. The cap replicates the top of a plastic bottle with a screw on lid. You can use these for soda cans beer cans, and juice!

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Above shows one brand of Snap Cap on the market. These are Can Snaps for soda cans 10 pack. Assorted colors. As seen on TV! Others are available from the same source.

Snap Caps come in assorted colors. Depicted above is red, clear, blue, and green. Snap Caps convert your open soda can into a bottle that will keep your beverage fresh and keep contaminates out of it. Take it with you wherever you go without spills! Snap Caps are ingenious and simple to use. Just snap it on the soda can and away you go!

bottle top cold beverage koozie This is one of many competing brands of the exact same concept. This is a 12 pack of bottle cap can converters. They call these ones the bottle top cold beverage koozies. They fit over most types of can tops and they are durable and easily washed. This 12 pack will come in an assortment of different colors, so you can personalize and not worry about getting your drink mixed up with someone else's drink. Click the image of these colorful can toppers you see here to find a lot more product and buying details. You will also find a bunch of customer review statements by people who have bought and used these, so you can get some great insight into your online purchase. can convert soda can snap on caps This package of soda can caps is from a line called Can Convert. You would receive this 6 pack of clear can converters that simply snap on the top, and convert your can into a bottle. See more details by clicking the image you see here.

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