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Soda Dispenser

soda dispenser check price of the soda dispensers here.

Shown here is a Soda Dispenser with a decent amount of customer reviews. However, many others are available, as well as fizz saving pump caps and other related cool gadgets through the following link: Browse all Soda Dispenser and Fizz savers here.

The Soda Dispenser you see on the left is the Magic Tap. It is one of those “As Seen on TV” types of products. Simple concept. It fits the lid size of most common containers and jugs. See more images and product details through the following link: Read more about them, or buy them here.


Any Soda Dispenser, whether it be the one shown here or others, can be a very handy gadget for people with kids who are worried about spillage of larger containers. It is also a great idea for people with arthritis or other ailments that make it difficult to lift full containers, especially very large jugs. The customer reviews on this particular soda dispenser are mostly good. Other versions have very mixed reviews.


This is exact soda dispenser may not ship internationally depending where you live. If you are in the U.S. there should be no issues. The Magic Tap version shown here uses batteries for pumping, so if you were looking for something non powered, you will have to look for something else. Click through the various links on this page to see all options and get the right one for you.

jokari soda dispenser This dispenser is called the Jokari soda dispenser. It is a simple pump that is inserted into the pop bottle and seals off the opening. The pop is still good for weeks and the pump handle is easy to use. The reviews are somewhat mixed on this product, but you can click the image of this soda dispenser to read all the comments both good and bad. You will also find everything you need to know about this and how to buy it securely online today.

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