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Solar Powered Flowers

Powered by the sunshine, the solar powered flowers are a fun way to spice up the desk at the office. But that’s not all they do, they also dance!

Basically, the way these things work is they remain motionless until they are struck by sunlight or office lighting. The light will cause the parts (such as the plastic leaves) to flap around, making it appear as though they are dancing.

solar powered flowers

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When you choose the sun powered flower such as the one appearing in the image to the left, you will be shipped one with a random plant pot color.

These ones come in red, orange, pink, yellow, green, and blue. However, you can also get other versions of these solar powered desktop display toys.

They also come as a bee, butterfly, smiley face, sunshine, as well as a few different flower types, such as the sunflower.

solar dancing butterfly plant

This is an example of the other versions available from this line of solar toys. Rather than a flower, you can get all kinds of other toppers. In this case this is the solar butterfly dancing toy.

It uses solar technology to dance around just like the ones discussed above. Unfortunately, if you buy this one shown here, you won't be able to select the color scheme of your choice, and it won't necessarily be the pink and purple one depicted here.

See more about this particular version, or browse through a bunch of other designs and colors by clicking the image of this butterfly one seen here.

solar powered dancing daisy butterflies

You can also get solar dancing toys that combine different types, like this example here. This one is a white daisy, with two yellow butterflies, and it is currently very inexpensive.

This one has a blue flower pot base, but they come in other styles as well. Click the image of this one to read product details and learn how to buy them, or to browse through a bunch of other similar solar powered toy options.

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