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Floating Solar Pool Heaters - Solar Pool Rings

Floating Solar Pool Heaters are Solar Powered Pool Rings that are an easy and efficient way to heat up your pool.

Simply inflate these solar rings and they will slowly warm up the water.

floating solar pool heater rings reviews.

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Do Floating Solar Pool Heaters Really Work? What do the reviews say?

You can wade through all the Floating Solar Pool Ring Reviews here yourself if you want, but here's a quick breakdown for you.

 Do they work?

Most people seem to say they work just fine in regards to warming up the pool an retaining the heat but they will not likely warm them up to any significant degree making it toasty warm to swim in.

When the temperature drops outside, yes, the pool water temperature will also drop, but not as much as it would without the floating rings in the pool.

They also seem to do a great job of reducing pool water loss due to evaporation.

Wouldn't they blow away?

Of course it's possible, but most people have said they have had no issues with these pool rings blowing away in the wind. 

Are they worth the cost?

It's recommended that you buy multiples of these pool ring heaters until you have approximately 80 percent coverage of your pool. Buying multiples can add up quickly, especially if you have a larger pool. 

However, it has been noted several times that they are worth the cost.

What about the negative reviews?

Most of the negative reviews tend to be related to the bad service received by 3rd party sellers. Buyer beware, and make sure you only order from a top seller or a reputable vendor.


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