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Stainless Steel Soap Bar

Stainless Steel Soap Bar aka Magic Soap is a great way to remove kitchen smells from your fingers and hands without wasting actual soap.

Have you ever had those nasty onion or garlic smells on your hands and fingers after doing food prep? Apparently, you can remove or at least drastically reduce these smells with this stainless steel ball shaped thing that resembles real soap. Rub your stinky hands with the Magic Soap under cold water and it takes care of the problem

stainless steel soap

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Stainless Steel Magic Soap will remove or reduce gross smells from your fingers and hands. Very handy in the kitchen for food prep. Great for Onion, Garlic, Fish smells etc.

These come in pairs when you buy them, but you will possible save money in the long run, seeing as you will not be using up real soap as quickly as you had before.

Buy it from Amazon How does stainless steel soap work? There are very little scientific studies on this specific subject to prove or disprove the effectiveness of stainless steel as an odor neutralizer.

However, there is evidence of many types of metals (including stainless steel) having germicide properties. Stainless steel does not have the strongest properties in this area, however, it is the most practical for many reasons.

The main reason being the fact that stainless steel does not corrode. The only “evidence” I could dig up online are the various and overwhelming amounts of testimonials and product reviews that seem satisfied with the results, and swear by it.

I have even read on multiple occasions, examples of people using the side of a stainless steel knife to remove or at least reduce the smell of fish while fishing. Here is a very interesting article about copper being used in hospitals

rubaway bar stainless steel soap

This one is pretty much the same concept as the one discussed above. However, this one is shaped more like an actual bar of soap.

This one is called the Amco Rub Away bar. You can get an individual bar like the one you see here, or you can order it in a 5 pack.

I still don't fully understand how these things work, but if you click the image of the stainless steel soap bar shown here, you will be able to read customer review comments. You will notice that the fast majority of the reviews are positive, and plenty of them.

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