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Stormbrella Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella (Does it Work?)

This is one of those products that you wonder why it wasn't designed a long time ago. We have all been annoyed when the umbrella would blow open, or be hard to handle in the wind in general.

These umbrellas are designed in a smart aerodynamic way and they are resistant to unwanted opening and closing due to the elements.

Some umbrellas don't have to be aerodynamic to be considered windproof, as it can also come down to things like material type and overall design to avoid inversion.

Let's look at the top windproof and aerodynamic umbrellas available online these days:

Best Windproof and Aerodynamic Umbrellas

1.Totes 70mph Windproof Titan Auto Open Umbrella Rainbow Stripe

totes rainbow wind resistant titan easy open umbrella

Looks like any typical umbrella, because it mostly is. It comes in other styles, but the rainbow pattern is the top selling version. 

The umbrella itself is not shaped in any weird way, but it is designed to withstand the force of wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour without inverting. 

As a side benefit, it also features a handy automatic open and close button you can use single handedly. 

Last time I checked, the price was around $20. Check the current cost of this umbrella on Amazon here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a small commission if you clicked through and bought something on Amazon. Thank you.)

 2. Blunt Metro Durable Umbrella

black blunt metro windproof durable umbrella for cities.

This umbrella is more "engineered" and shaped for aerodynamics. This is the black one, of course there are other patterns and colors.

What I find interesting, is that this umbrella can cost around 4 times as much as the Totes one we talked about above.

I believe with the extra cost, you are paying for the design (they claim it is designed to be the perfect size for use while not being too big for city life), as well as durability. It is built with stronger materials and should take a bit more abuse.

However, if you are looking for wind resistance as a priority, this one is 55 miles per hour, whereas the Totes one was far cheaper and was tested to withstand up to 70 miles per hour.

Last I checked, the Metro Umbrella was around $80, but sometimes there are price drops. Check the current price on Amazon here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a bit of commission if you clicked and bought something at no extra cost to you. Thanks)

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