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Sun Umbrella

A sun umbrella shelters you from the blinding sun while you are on the beach, or hanging out in the back yard. The sun umbrella above is just one cool example. 

sun umbrella ez shade

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The sun umbrella you see above is the EZ shade beach umbrella with a sun shield that attaches to the canopy. You can create an entire shaded area, kind of like a shaded "booth" if you will. You can add sand to the base to keep it solid on the ground without tipping over or blowing away in the wind. 

Mostly positive reviews on the EZshade. Blocks out %99 UVA/UVB. Doubles your shade to keep you much cooler. You can gradually move the hanging shade sun shield as the sun moves, rather than re-adjusting the entire pole and umbrella.

It is slim pickings on negative reviews for this particular umbrella. The only thing I could find was a customer being disappointing to find that it does not include stakes to anchor the pole to the ground. However, I believe that is what the sand at the base is suppose to be for.

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