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Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Tables

Perhaps you didn’t know they were called Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Game Tables, but you know exactly what they are.

Ok, I admit it, I am cheating just a tiny bit here. This site is dedicated to weird products and unique gift ideas. It might be a stretch that these Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Game tables are weird or unique, given they have been around forever.

I wanted to feature Super Chexx products here because I came across them the other day, and I kinda miss them. I remember them being in every bar in my area, and now they almost seem extinct.

If you are a bar or business owner of any kind, and you have the space for it, please please please bring these back. Get one new or used or whatever, but just get one of these and set it up. Your customers will thank you, trust me!

super chexx bubble hockey

check price of the super chexx bubble hockey here


They are not as expensive as they first seem, given the fact you can potentially get the money back by making them coin operated.

You know, now that I think of it, it may not be that much of a stretch as a gift idea if you can afford it. Your hockey loving husband would love you (even more than he already does) if he came down to the basement to find a Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Game setup.

Many options are available. You can get these in coin operated or not coin operated versions.

They all come with great sounds, and score-keeping. The bubble dome means the puck will remain in play, and the pieces will stay protected from children and drunks. How many pool tables and Foosball tables have you seen get ruined? Another argument in the “affordable” category.

You have a lot of versions to choose from, including classic versions, NHL, AHL, Team USA, and Team Canada options.

Super Chexx has officially licensed products for the NHL and AHL which means you can choose which 2 teams come with your bubble hockey game. If you own a business, simply get a coin operated one with the home team and the closest rival team, and watch the cash pour in!

These dome hockey games also come with many different bells and whistles. Both literally and figuratively. Everything from goal horns, to announcers, a “Boo” button, crowd noise and on and on. has everything you need to get these games shipped to you. They have everything you need for parts, repair, and maintenance, including great support if you have any issues.

I am giving as much info about these dome hockey games here as I can, but you really need to check out all the great details and how to buy them HERE

Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Game Tables come as new or used. Coin operated, or not. Bring back the classic fun!

New or Used Ice Chexx Tables from Amazon here New or Used Ice Chexx Tables from icechexx here

chexx nhl dome hockey game

 Super Chexx makes bubble hockey tables officially licensed by the NHL. You can get little plastic players from every NHL team in the league.

Shown in the image here is the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens as an example. The players are also interchangeable, so you could get any of the teams you want, perhaps even get all 30 NHL teams. Swap out the plastic player pieces and have a tournament with all your friends.

You can also have the bubble hockey table custom to your favorite team with the logo on the base. These also include realistic scoreboard and sounds.

super chexx miracle on ice   

Super Chexx also offers a very special edition known as the Miracle on Ice version of the table.

It features team USA and team CCCR pieces as you can see in this image. Obviously, this is meant to commemorate the amazing USA win in Lake Placid. Click the image for more details.

usa versus canada bubble hockey pieces

Here you can see pieces for the Super Chexx Bubble hockey tables. The ones shown here happen to be for the team USA versus Team Canada edition, but I am only showing these as an example of how you can buy the pieces separately to start your collection, or to replace existing ones.

You can piece together any combination you want. Commemorate a special game, series, or rivalry that means something to you, or do some wacky like play a game of the Edmonton Oilers versus the Russians. Click this image for more details.

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