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Survival Card Multi Tool

The Credit Card Survival tool is a multi tool that fits in your wallet very easily. Perhaps not the “weirdest” product on this website, but the survival card is very ingenious and practical. All the ingredients needed for the “unique gift idea” recipe.

The one shown in the image above is the clear version of the Tool Logic Ice Lite. You can get the ice light tool in other designs like clear and blue. This is a multi tool that includes a 2 inch serrated edge blade knife that can be removed. It also includes a toothpick, tweezers, and an opener, all of which are also detachable for independent use.

survival card credit card multi tool Tool Logic ice lite

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The entire piece is very similar in size to a credit card and can slide easily into your wallet.

More Credit Card Knives and Multi-Toolstool logic survival card 2

This one is the Tool Logic survival 2. Obviously, this is the second generation of this tool, and you can also take a look at he first one if you like from this same source.

However, the main thing that sets this one apart from it's predecessor is the red light beam you can see here. You get this tiny flashlight, a fire starter, tweezers, a serrated knife, opener, and a toothpick, most of which are removable for independent use.

Click the image of the Tool Logic survival 2 seen here for a lot more product specifications about this one, or to check out details about other similar credit card survival tools.

victorinox swisscard lite pocket tool

This one is a competing survival multi tool by Victorinox. This is called the Victorinox Swiss card Lite pocket knife.

A flattened credit card shaped and sized Swiss army knife essentially. It includes what you see pictured here. You will get a knife, scissors, tweezers, magnifying glass, and more. There are 13 items in total.

Click the image of this red tool seen here for a lot more details about this one and other similar products available for online purchase from this source.

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