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Socks that Look Like Sushi - Sushi Socks Box

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, these are actually footwear, not a Japanese dish.

Sometimes you love your food so much you want to wear them. These are socks that look like sushi. It's a set of socks that work together to create an entire sushi themed dish or box. 

set of socks that look like sushi in a box

This particular set of sushi socks is by a brand called "Rainbow Socks Store". 

check current price of socks that look like sushi and salmon patterned socks.

Is it crazy that footwear is making me hungry?  As delicious as this may appear to some, these are actually socks. They are not edible but they are pretty cool.

I especially enjoy the chopsticks for the added authentic touch. Perhaps they can double as crochet needles to make more or repair the socks in the set.

Socks that Look Like Sushi set: What's included?

This particular set of sushi socks comes complete with the following pairs of sushi pattern socks:

Salmon Sushi Socks

salmon sushi socks example from the sushi socks box.

These are the Salmon Sushi Socks from the box. This would be the main feature in my opinion. It gives the pink salmon color to the whole thing.

Tuna Pattern Socks

tuna pattern socks from the sushi socks rainbow box.

Salmon is not the only thing fishy about this funny box of socks. This is the Tuna Pattern Socks. Well, technically, they are not tuna patterned necessarily, but they sure look perfect when they are rolled up in the sushi box.

Tamago ("Egg" in Japanese) Patterned Socks

Tamago Egg sushi patterned socks

Looks like tiger print but this represent the egg portion of the box.

and the rest...

Here is the complete group of socks that come with the sushi socks box.

The rest of the socks in the sushi box gift set are cucumber, turnip, butterfish, tuna (a different one), octopus (3 different colors).

I don't need to tell you who this would make a great gift for. You already know the answer to that don't you?

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