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T Shirt Quilts

A very unique gift idea for someone who appreciates sentimentality. Assuming of course that they wont get mad at you for repurposing their old t shirts. 

You can send in a bunch of their old T-shirts and have them made into quilts. If you have a relative or friend that is good at this or you are capable of it yourself, then it's a great inexpensive homemade gift idea.

Otherwise, you can use this paid service to do it for you.

It's like renting a grandma!

t shirt quilts

check price of the t shirt quilts here.

Whether you need resources to make your own T Shirt Quilts, or you are interested in a service that customizes and makes T Shirt Quilts for you, both can be found through the following link: Browse all T Shirt Quilts Resources here.

What you are looking at here is just one simple example of T Shirt Quilts. This one is from a service that will take your tshirts and create a quilt in the layout of your choosing. Great gift idea. Read more about them, or buy them here.

If you get creative with your ideas, regardless of your choice to make yourself or not, this is a great gift idea for many different occasions. Some examples include, making a quilt of your son or daughter’s old t shirts as a going away to college gift.

Another idea is putting something together as a wedding gift with T shirts depicting various sayings or funny images. Click through the various links on this page to start browsing and getting some ideas.

Customization may be tricky if it is a time sensitive project. Only take this on if you have enough time before the gift is due. Depending on your budget and the extent of the project, it could get a bit on the costly side.

t-shirt quilts made easy paperback

You could also make your own T-shirt quilts at home. There are many different books and resources available to assist you and teach you how to do this. One great example is this highly rated paperback book called T Shirt Quilts made easy.

This is an inexpensive book that will show you how to not only create a simplistic design, but will also aid you in arranging the various quilt squares when they are all different dimensions to get the right look and feel of the pattern.

Click the image of this quilting book seen here for a lot more details about this book, or to browse through a whole bunch of other similar books and resources.

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