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Indoor Outdoor Volt Heated Slippers

These heated slippers are indoor outdoor slippers that will keep your feet warm whether you are inside on the cold linoleum flooring, or walking outdoors to grab the newspaper from the step. These heated slippers are made by “Volt”, and come in 3 sizes. Medium, large and extra large. These also include temperature controlled thermostats that detect and regulate the warmth to a comfortable level. You will get 6 hours of use from each charge, then you can recharge using the included wall pack. The material makes them as comfortable on your feet as regular slippers, but they also have a nylon exterior, and rubber on the bottom, making these heated slippers water resistant and therefore safe for outdoors. Main Specs Described Below:...

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Socks that Look Like Sushi - Sushi Socks Box

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, these are actually footwear, not a Japanese dish. Sometimes you love your food so much you want to wear them. These are socks that look like sushi. It's a set of socks that work together to create an entire sushi themed dish or box.  This particular set of sushi socks is by a brand called "Rainbow Socks Store".  Is it crazy that footwear is making me hungry?  As delicious as this may appear to some, these are actually socks. They are not edible but they are pretty cool. I especially enjoy the chopsticks for the added authentic touch. Perhaps they can double as crochet needles to make more or repair the...

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