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Beer Belly Fanny Pack - (Fat Hairy Belly to Store Things)

Hide your real beer belly with this fake one. If your going to have a keg belly you might as well have some fun with it. Perfect gift for dad. It's a fake beer belly printed on a pouch with a zipper for storage. Not much to say really. It clips around your giant gut...I mean "waist", and it's waterproof. What Does the Beer Belly Fanny Pack Cost? Last I checked, they only cost around $15 USD. You can check the current price on Amazon here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission if you clicked on it and bought something on Amazon, at no extra cost to you. Thank You!) Other Beer Belly Fanny...

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What is a SheWee and How to Use a SheWee

I originally added the SheWee to this website years ago when I first saw it. This is definitely a "weird product". However, I decided to come back and completely rethink this post. Yes, it's funny, and goofy, and weird and all that fun stuff. But I have a wife and a daughter, and there have been many times when this would have come in handy, so they have already ordered theirs. First let's talk about what a SheWee actually is. What is a SheWee? This is a portable device designed to help girls and women urinate standing up more easily. The device is reusable and can be cleaned easily. Men and boys have more flexibility in "urination accommodation" so to...

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Glow In The Dark Bra LED Bras

There's all kinds of wacky and interesting examples of glow in the dark clothes available online, including glowing panties and bras. You can get all kinds of glow in the dark bras and LED light up bras.  The one shown here is one that seems like more of a novelty version for some sort of a costume. This is probably not something you would use for proper breast support or for a romantic night with your spouse, unless of course you are into that. This glowing bra is a simple hard plastic glow in the dark bra that ties off at the back, nothing fancy. You would use this one for silly costumes and themed outfits and that type of...

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