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Solar Powered Backpack

Get One Here Charge your devices while just walking to school or work. Assuming it's a sunny day of course. This is one example of a variety of styles. As you can see from the image, there is a flexible, yet durable solar panel embedded on the backpack. This collects the sunlight to charge devices using your USB port that is attached inside the backpack. In addition to being a cool gadget, it is also a pretty high grade backpack as is. The straps are nice and padded, and the materials expands for storage and is very sturdy and durable. Check out more details on this one or browse through a bunch of other styles by clicking the image.

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The Man Sack Fanny Pack

Keep organized at the next golf outing with the man sack fanny pack. Store balls in one side, and your salty nuts in the other (you know...for snacking). Unlike your traditional style fanny pack that rides on the side hip, this pack is displayed prominently and proudly in front. Buy one here! The Man Sack Fanny Pack We went through a phase where the fanny pack was kind of cool and useful, then a phase when the fanny pack on a man was made fun of. Now we are back to being ok with the fanny pack, so long as you are wearing The Man Sack fanny pack. Plenty of sack room to store your goods. It simply straps around...

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Glow In The Dark Bra

There's all kinds of wacky and interesting examples of glow in the dark clothes available online, including glowing panties and bras. You can get all kinds of glow in the dark bras and LED light up bras. The one shown here is one that seems like more of a novelty version for some sort of a costume. This is probably not something you would use for proper breast support or for a romantic night with your spouse, unless of course you are into that. This glowing bra is a simple hard plastic glow in the dark bra that ties off at the back, nothing fancy. You would use this one for silly costumes and themed outfits and that type of...

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Glow Gloves

Glow in the Dark Gloves Seen here is just one example of many glow gloves offered from this source. The ones depicted here are the BeWild glow in the dark gloves. They glow in the dark as well as under black lights. This pair of gloves does not seem to come in varieties of sizes, but they claim that they can be stretched to fit both kids and adults. They are 18 centimeters high by 11.5 centimeters wide. Great idea for parties, clubs and raves. One interesting fact is that these types of gloves are sometimes used for sign language applications. Probably not the best option for keeping warm in the winter or severe cold weather in general. They are...

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Shewee Portable Urinating Device

The Shewee is a portable urinating device for females. The general idea is that now women can pee in "trying circumstances" the same way a male can. They make it easier to pee outdoors, and helps to avoid sitting on disgusting public toilet seats. They are made in a variety of styles, colors, and features. Browse through all Shewee options through the following link: ...Browse All Shewee Devices here. As far as the specific Shewee shown above goes, this is the Shewee Extreme in pink. For better images, details, and pricing information, simply click the following link: ...More details about this Shewee here! Pros: Most reviews are positive. They are not complex to use, and they are discreet and portable....

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