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Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

The talking toilet paper spindle can be customized by recording your own personal message. Your guest, relative, or house mate will be shocked, and perhaps, dismayed, when they hear your voice upon spinning off a few squares of TP. Personally, I would love to record words of wisdom, or encourage, such as "be sure to wipe deep!", or, "you went all by yourself! Good for you!". Don't worry about accidentally pranking yourself or selective people without a sense of humor, as it also has a simple on and off switch. The size is pretty standard and will fit most toilet paper roll dispensers. Install it the same way you would a typical Toilet paper spindle. You will get the spindle...

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What's the Point of a Boardless Skateboard, How to Ride One, and Where to Buy

Are you looking for a skateboard, but without a board? If your skateboard still has an actual board, then I am afraid you are stuck in the past. (ok Boomer!). So what is the point of a boardless skateboard anyway? The point of a boardless skateboard is to have the same mobility as a regular skateboard but with more portability. This is a pair of wheels that are light weight and pack easily into a back pack for safe storage.  How Does a Boardless Skateboard Work? A boardless skateboard works using self propelling actions that require a tremendous amount of practice at first. They do not require the use of batteries or for that matter, any electrical inputs at all....

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What is a SheWee and How to Use a SheWee

I originally added the SheWee to this website years ago when I first saw it. This is definitely a "weird product". However, I decided to come back and completely rethink this post. Yes, it's funny, and goofy, and weird and all that fun stuff. But I have a wife and a daughter, and there have been many times when this would have come in handy, so they have already ordered theirs. First let's talk about what a SheWee actually is. What is a SheWee? This is a portable device designed to help girls and women urinate standing up more easily. The device is reusable and can be cleaned easily. Men and boys have more flexibility in "urination accommodation" so to...

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Adult Training Wheels: How to Use Them, Who They Are For and How To Buy them

Adult training wheels are used to help stabilize bicycles for adults, elderly and disabled individuals. They are also great for people who want to learn how to ride a bike but don't have the balance required. In this article, we will discuss adult bicycle stabilizers including: how they work, who they are good for and where you can buy them.   How They Work: Adult bicycle stabilizers are used to help stabilize a bike, allowing the rider more control over their ride. The adult's feet straddle two independently-moving wheels that provide support and stability when going downhill or moving around obstacles. These training wheels come with two extra sets of pedals at different heights so you can adjust them for...

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Everything You Need for Glamping (Luxury Camping)

Glamping Definition The first thing we need to do is explain what glamping is. The word is a combination of "glamorous" and "camping". It is basically luxurious camping, because it is (insert current year), and we are wimps that are far removed from the World War 2 generation. We all have a friend (or maybe it's you), who says "I don't like camping, I hate the bugs and I need my showers and wifi". Glamping is a good way to eliminate at least some of those excuses and convince them to come along. Assuming you want to spend the weekend with a complaining, whiny adult. What You Will Need to Glamp Planning a glamping trip is not much different than...

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