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Arm and Hammer Tooth Tunes - Musical Toothbrush That Plays Music

Arm and Hammer Tooth Tunes are a line of singing musical toothbrushes. It's a good idea to promote longer and more quality tooth brushing and general oral hygiene.  There is a hole bunch of different songs to choose from from a wide variety of musical artists and genres.  You've probably already noticed, but it's getting harder and harder to find the actual Tooth Tunes line of toothbrushes these days, so we will talk about those as well as other competing similar products that are just as fun. Where Can I Buy Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrushes? The best place to sort through all the currently available Tooth Tunes is on this Amazon page here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would...

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Best Smartphone Projectors - Smartphone Projector 2.0 Review (and Other Smartphone Projector Options)

A cool combination of modern technology and old school technology. I have seen instructions online on how to build something like this at home, but it would be way easier to just buy one all ready to go like this. Place your smartphone in the back and it projects to the wall nice and large to create your own personal home theater. It's a nice idea in theory but I think these cheap projectors lack a little in quality, unless you are just looking for a kids toy. Let's talk about these, as well as higher quality smartphone projectors. Get the Smartphone Projector here! (This is an Amazon affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission if you click it then...

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Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale

"Wow, a measuring cup. What's the big deal?". The big deal is this is a digital measuring cup. No more "a pinch of this, and a splash of that". Get perfect accuracy with your baking and cooking. It's actually a combination of a measuring cup and a kitchen scale. The digital screen on the handle will do all the conversions and hard math for you. All kitchen units you require. On the downside, no more excuses for getting it wrong. If you have a digital scale, a digital microwave, and a digital oven timer, you have no excuse not to step into the future and add this cup to your collection.  Buy One Here  

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iPhone Microscope Lens Adapter

The iPhone Microscope Lens Adapter you see here is just one example of several different versions. I selected this one because it is currently the only one with customer reviews to reference. They all differ in cost range and qualities.   As I mentioned, the above iPhone Microscope is just one version. This one has mixed reviews. These iphone microscope adapters will essentially transform your smartphone into a microscope with one simple attachment. This is the Thumbs Up iphone microscope that attaches to the iphone 4. The microscope produces a digital image that you can manually focus on the microscope. This particular microscope magnifies up to x100.  Some good reviews for basic use. A great gadget for some fun and...

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