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Horse Head Squirrel Feeder and Other Funny Squirrel Feeders

Make your backyard a little more nuts with the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder. Don't feel bad for the little feller, he's getting a delicious snack. If you offered to give me free cheeseburgers every single day with no strings attached, but the downside was that you get to laugh at me while I do it, then I would probably take that deal. Buy One Here! (This is an affiliate link, which means if you click it and buy something, I would make a tiny percent of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank You!) Horse Head Squirrel Feeder Making fun of woodland creatures is always funny and entertaining for the superior human species. The squirrel either doesn't understand the...

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Golf Driver Drink Dispenser - The Golf Club Concealed Drink Dispenser

Take drinks on the course in a very discreet way. This driver looks like a regular golf club in your golf bag. When you're thirsty, just open it up and dispense. Nobody will suspect a thing. Perhaps an adult beverage may even calm you down and relax you a bit and help your golf game. Do you prefer it shaken, not stirred? Perfect! Because that's pretty much the only option available after this driver has been jostled around in your golf bag, or chucked into the water hazard in anger. Where to Buy the Golf Club Drink Dispenser? You can find a whole bunch of different drink dispensing golf clubs from Amazon here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I...

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Bio Urn - Biodegradable Urns for Ashes

There are many ways to mourn the passing of a loved one, but here is a unique way that you might not have heard of, that is also good for the environment.  Ashes alone apparently are bad for the growth of trees. However, with the right set up, and some botany stuff that I do not understand, these bio urns use the ashes to nourish the growth of any type of tree of your choosing, hence why you may have also heard of these referenced as "tree urns". So in a round about way, you could think of these as urns that turn you into a tree upon your inevitable demise, and live forever! The bio urn seen here is...

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Name a Star Gift Box

Now with the Name A Star Gift Box, you can finally follow through on those empty cheesy promises you made to your spouse. You know, all those dumb poems and dorky song lyrics that say things like “I will give you the stars, climb the highest mountains, and swim the deepest seas, all for your love, and blah blah blah”   You can’t buy a star and have actual ownership of the star, but you can have them named officially.   Some people suggest that Name a Star gifts are a “scam”. It is definitely not a scam, but of course, it is not a tangible gift that you would hand to someone. It is more of a sentimentality thing....

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