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Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the Dark Paint from a brand called Rust-oleum is a luminous latex paint. It is good for kid’s rooms, craft projects and more! This particular glow in dark paint will keep it’s glow for up to 2 hours, however, Rust-oleum does make glow in the dark paint that will last longer than that. You can apply this glowing paint to surfaces that are wood, plaster, metal, masonry, and un-glazed ceramic. You can wash the glow in the dark paint with soap and water, which is especially good for kid’s rooms and toys. We all know how filthy children can be. At least us parents know anyway. The Rust-oleum specialty glow in the dark paint is fast drying. The...

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The Drivemocion car signs will help you express yourself. Drivemocion LED Car Signs The Drivemocion LED car signs come in a couple different versions. It depends on the brand that makes them. browse all Drivemocion LED car signs here. The version depicted in the image to the left, is my personal favorite because of the “flipping of the bird” so to speak. It depicts the middle finger. Not all versions include this feature. Of course, there are many other Drivemocion options that will allow you to thank others for letting you into a lane, or for general positive communication on the roads, making the world a much better place. However, let’e be honest here. If you are anything like me,...

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Popcorn Soap

Popcorn soap is a non-toxic, weird and funny novelty soap for popcorn lovers. Popcorn is no longer just a snack! Don’t try to eat it though, you will be sorely disappointed. However, it may make for a great April fools prank you can pull on your roommate. They do not taste like real butter, however there is butter involved. Well... shea butter anyway. They do not smell like real popcorn, but they do smell good, like vanilla. And no they are not salted. Approximately 25 individually molded popcorn kernels for each bag of popcorn soap. No old maids in this bag of popcorn! Each popcorn kernel soap is about the size of a real popcorn kernel, and will last about...

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Zombie Jerky

Ewww....I mean Yum! No wait...ewww! I can’t decide. Zombie Jerky from a company named Harcos, went through a heroic and senseless battle with the USDA to bring us this edible weird product. Interesting Fact: Zombie Jerky was originally sold in Japan as blue jerky. Harco made the correct decision to bring it to the U.S. as green jerky. This makes more sense as Zombie “blood”. These are simply just packs of teriyaki flavored jerky that is made to look like some disgusting green meat, even though it is just as yummy as any standard jerky. They call this dried Zombie skin. It is basically just dried seaweed, which is a crunchy and salty vegan treat. See more details about this...

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