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Aqua Notes Waterproof Shower Notepad

Do you do most of your best thinking in the shower? Never forget a great idea again. Hang this notepad in the shower with suction cups, and write and erase in the water with no problems. Also great for wet working environments where your paper keeps getting wet and soggy. Suction cup this notepad to the walls in your shower and never let good ideas go down the drain ever again.  There's a few good places to buy these, but a cool site I like to buy from is vat19. Get them here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission if you clicked through and bought something at no extra cost to you. Thanks.)  

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Beer Bottle Cap Launcher - Bottle opener that Also Shoots Bottle Caps

Surprisingly, your friends don't think you are too annoying yet. Push them over the edge with these bottle cap launchers. Aim for the most sensitive areas of the body and fire away. It's a beer bottle opener as well as a bottle cap gun. I guess it doesn't have to be beer necessarily, but you get the idea. These are simplistic keychain devices that are not complex at all. You literally just use the hole as a bottle cap opener, then press the button to launch the cap. It's a small keychain that fits in your pocket, so you will always have it at the ready when you need it. I've always said it's better to armed and not need...

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Arm and Hammer Tooth Tunes - Musical Toothbrush That Plays Music

Arm and Hammer Tooth Tunes are a line of singing musical toothbrushes. It's a good idea to promote longer and more quality tooth brushing and general oral hygiene.  There is a hole bunch of different songs to choose from from a wide variety of musical artists and genres.  You've probably already noticed, but it's getting harder and harder to find the actual Tooth Tunes line of toothbrushes these days, so we will talk about those as well as other competing similar products that are just as fun. Where Can I Buy Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrushes? The best place to sort through all the currently available Tooth Tunes is on this Amazon page here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would...

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Frog Potty Training Urinal with target

This is the Foryee brand of urinals for potty training boys. It helps to not only potty train in general, but encourage the development of the good old aiming techniques. You have heard of the Cheerios in the toilet trick, but it is way more fun to make the orange spinner thing spin. It simply suction cups to the wall at whatever height you require, and let the fun begin. The bowl is a removable piece for easy cleaning. Recommended for ages 1 to 6. There is a brownish version, a yellow and orange one, as well as a blue version. The customer reviews are largely positive, but of course not perfect. You can read through those for a better...

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What's the Point of a Boardless Skateboard, How to Ride One, and Where to Buy

Are you looking for a skateboard, but without a board? If your skateboard still has an actual board, then I am afraid you are stuck in the past. (ok Boomer!). So what is the point of a boardless skateboard anyway? The point of a boardless skateboard is to have the same mobility as a regular skateboard but with more portability. This is a pair of wheels that are light weight and pack easily into a back pack for safe storage.  How Does a Boardless Skateboard Work? A boardless skateboard works using self propelling actions that require a tremendous amount of practice at first. They do not require the use of batteries or for that matter, any electrical inputs at all....

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