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Baby Shower Cap

The baby shower cap is goofy looking but very effective with plenty of positive customer reviews. The one you see above is just one type available. Browse through all styles through the following link: ...Browse All baby shower caps here. The baby shower cap above is the blue Susen cap. It is a baby bath hat that is gentle on the child's head and is re-sizable up to around 6 years old. This shower cap is perfect for keeping water and soap out of your child's eyes making the bath time experience less stressful for you, and more enjoyable for the little one. This one is blue, but it also comes in pink. You can see more images and product...

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Knot Genie Detangling Hairbrush

The Knot Genie Detangling Brush is more than just your typical hair brush. This brush will change your life! Especially if you have little girls and have to go through that pain in the butt morning routine. You attempt to brush her hair, but the knots in her hair cause your hair to pull and hurt, and thus the screaming and crying and arguing begins! Well, no more tears! Not anymore! If you have wished for a smoother morning routine, the Knot Genie Detangling Brush is now here to grant you that wish. The Magic is in the flexible material making up the bristles, and more importantly, in the varying lengths of the bristles. You can use this brush on...

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Boon High Chair

The Boon High Chair is a baby highchair I wish I had when my kids were younger. It kind of reminds me of a child like barber shop chair. These innovative baby chairs comes in a few different styles. Browse All Boon High Chairs here. What makes the Boon High Chair great is three main features. First off, the cleanup is far easier than a typical high chair that has all kinds of annoying cracks and crevices. The sleek design of this chair eliminates a lot of those issues. Also, you can use a button with your foot to allow the chair to be adjusted up and down for your desired height. Great for adjusting to the level of your...

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