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Stormbrella Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella (Does it Work?)

This is one of those products that you wonder why it wasn't designed a long time ago. We have all been annoyed when the umbrella would blow open, or be hard to handle in the wind in general. These umbrellas are designed in a smart aerodynamic way and they are resistant to unwanted opening and closing due to the elements. Some umbrellas don't have to be aerodynamic to be considered windproof, as it can also come down to things like material type and overall design to avoid inversion. Let's look at the top windproof and aerodynamic umbrellas available online these days: Best Windproof and Aerodynamic Umbrellas 1.Totes 70mph Windproof Titan Auto Open Umbrella Rainbow Stripe Looks like any typical umbrella,...

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handicorn Unicorn Hand Puppet and Handitaur

This is the free market at work here people. Simple supply and demand. The world had a need for a way to transform your hand into a unicorn, and finally, someone stepped up to the plate and filled that need. This is a five piece hand puppet set that includes the four hooved legs, and the unicorn head with an expression on his face that indicates even he is surprised he exists. If the unicorn is not your style, or you want to get him (or her?) some friends, you can also get the Handi-horse, or the Handi-taur, which is like the horse but the head is a half man figure. Collect them all and have pen and pencil jousts (somehow) with...

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iPhone Microscope Lens Adapter

The iPhone Microscope Lens Adapter you see here is just one example of several different versions. I selected this one because it is currently the only one with customer reviews to reference. They all differ in cost range and qualities.   As I mentioned, the above iPhone Microscope is just one version. This one has mixed reviews. These iphone microscope adapters will essentially transform your smartphone into a microscope with one simple attachment. This is the Thumbs Up iphone microscope that attaches to the iphone 4. The microscope produces a digital image that you can manually focus on the microscope. This particular microscope magnifies up to x100.  Some good reviews for basic use. A great gadget for some fun and...

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Bio Urn - Biodegradable Urns for Ashes

There are many ways to mourn the passing of a loved one, but here is a unique way that you might not have heard of, that is also good for the environment.  Ashes alone apparently are bad for the growth of trees. However, with the right set up, and some botany stuff that I do not understand, these bio urns use the ashes to nourish the growth of any type of tree of your choosing, hence why you may have also heard of these referenced as "tree urns". So in a round about way, you could think of these as urns that turn you into a tree upon your inevitable demise, and live forever! The bio urn seen here is...

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What is a SheWee and How to Use a SheWee

I originally added the SheWee to this website years ago when I first saw it. This is definitely a "weird product". However, I decided to come back and completely rethink this post. Yes, it's funny, and goofy, and weird and all that fun stuff. But I have a wife and a daughter, and there have been many times when this would have come in handy, so they have already ordered theirs. First let's talk about what a SheWee actually is. What is a SheWee? This is a portable device designed to help girls and women urinate standing up more easily. The device is reusable and can be cleaned easily. Men and boys have more flexibility in "urination accommodation" so to...

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