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Waterproof Headphones

The Waterproof Headphones with the Waterproof mp3 player, and Waterproof Carrying case will allow for underwater audio swimming. You can place the waterproof mp3 player inside the waterproof carrying case, and place the waterproof headphones on, and DIVE IN! With no worries about water damage to the earbuds or to the mp3 player. The iSwim Waterproof mp3 player comes with waterproof earbuds (waterproof headphones). The Waterproof mp3 player is a 32GB mp3 player. Great for swimming (underwater audio), kayaking, spas, showers, and any other water related thing you can think of. Perhaps even some hurricanes! Give that a try and let me know how it goes. These ones are called the Marine Sport waterproof in ear earbud stereo headphones. I...

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Unfortunate Fortune Cookies

Unfortunate Fortune Cookies If you are bored of the same old same old messages in the fortune cookies you receive at a restaurant or with your take-out, the Unfortunate Fortune Cookies are for you! The Unfortunate Fortune Cookies are the reverse of what you would expect from the Chinese food restaurant. Also known as “misfortune cookies”! Unfortunate Fortune Cookies come in an authentic looking Chinese food take-out box, containing 10 unique “fortunes” inside of 10 fortune cookies. The Unfortunate Fortune Cookies taste just like the real thing, because they ARE the real thing. has these custom made by an actual fortune cookie manufacturer. The Unfortunate Fortune Cookies come with the following items: - 1 Authentic looking Chinese food take-out...

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Beer Belt

The Beer Belt is a great gift idea for the boozer in your life. Why get up for another beer, when you can carry around a six pack around your waist. You can get these in camouflage, nylon or black. The Beer Belt will hold 6 cans of anything. Take your 6 pack wherever you go. This one is the camouflage beer belt. Keep you beer with you while you hunt, or blend into your camo couch while watching reruns of “Glee”. More Beer Belt information here Pros Makes for a great gag gift for any beer lover or alcoholic in your life, whether they actually use it or not. Best case scenario, they actually get plenty of use out...

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Temporary Baby Tattoos

Don’t worry, these baby tattoos are not real and they are safe. They are FDA approved and wash off with soap and water. These ones come in a pack of 12 brightly colored temporary images. The best baby shower gift ever! I browsed around, and there are not too many sources that sell temporary tattoos for babies specifically like the ones shown here. Read More About These Baby Tattoos Here! Your baby can be tatted up with 12 temporary tattoos, including the image of a diaper that says “spank me”(seen in the image above), a couple of spiked soother tattoos, a couple roses and anchors. Of course, this baby tattoos collection would not be complete without the cliched “mom” tattoo....

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Bottle Cap Tripod

Never be without a tripod ever again. The bottle cap tripod fits over the lid of most bottles. Some people may ask what the point of this is, and why not just bring a small tripod. I would suggest that one good reason would be the saving of space. If you are packing to go somewhere and you, chances are you will have a drink of some sort with you anyway, and this way you eliminate the tripod from the equation, which means one less item to pack, and thus less space used. I actually own one of these myself. I have the green version. The black part of the tripod that connects to the bottle cap does not screw...

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