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Everything You Need for Glamping (Luxury Camping)

Glamping Definition The first thing we need to do is explain what glamping is. The word is a combination of "glamorous" and "camping". It is basically luxurious camping, because it is (insert current year), and we are wimps that are far removed from the World War 2 generation. We all have a friend (or maybe it's you), who says "I don't like camping, I hate the bugs and I need my showers and wifi". Glamping is a good way to eliminate at least some of those excuses and convince them to come along. Assuming you want to spend the weekend with a complaining, whiny adult. What You Will Need to Glamp Planning a glamping trip is not much different than...

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Where to buy Camera Lens Mug

The Canon Mug camera lens mug kits are among the coolest and most unique ways to enjoy a drink and fool your friends at the same time! Does not function as a real camera lens, but it functions as a real mug or cup holder...or soup holder, or last night’s spaghetti holder, or pill holder, or “illegal substances hider”...or...whatever. Try bragging to your friends and co-workers about how much money you spent on this brand new camera, and all it’s fancy picture taking features. Then, at lunch time, pour hot coffee into the lens mug! Watch the confusion ensue! Where to Buy Camera Lens Mug? Honestly, it’s getting harder to find the DSLR camera lens mugs with the actual Canon...

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