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Everything You Need for Glamping (Luxury Camping)

Glamping Definition The first thing we need to do is explain what glamping is. The word is a combination of "glamorous" and "camping". It is basically luxurious camping, because it is (insert current year), and we are wimps that are far removed from the World War 2 generation. We all have a friend (or maybe it's you), who says "I don't like camping, I hate the bugs and I need my showers and wifi". Glamping is a good way to eliminate at least some of those excuses and convince them to come along. Assuming you want to spend the weekend with a complaining, whiny adult. What You Will Need to Glamp Planning a glamping trip is not much different than...

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Prank Packs - Prank Gift Boxes

If you already have an idea for a gift, but you need a more interesting or funny way to present it, you can search online for a variety of fun gift giving strategies. One popular idea is to place the item into a small box inside a bigger box and a bigger box, and so on. One Christmas tradition at a relative's place was to get warm socks every year for the father. Rather than just present the present like normal, we would place one individual sock into several different odd shaped household items. For example, one sock stuffed in a paper towel roll, then wrapped in gift wrap. Another sock in a giant box. You get the idea. Anyway,...

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