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Solar Powered Flowers

Powered by the sunshine, the solar powered flowers are a fun way to spice up the desk at the office. But that’s not all they do, they also dance! Basically, the way these things work is they remain motionless until they are struck by sunlight or office lighting. The light will cause the parts (such as the plastic leaves) to flap around, making it appear as though they are dancing. When you choose the sun powered flower such as the one appearing in the image to the left, you will be shipped one with a random plant pot color. These ones come in red, orange, pink, yellow, green, and blue. However, you can also get other versions of these solar...

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Drip Clips

Drip Clips are a wacky way to make your work space more interesting. You get a miniature bathroom sink replica to hold your paperclips. The faucet is magnetized, so you can link the paperclips together to form what appears to be a flowing water stream. The bottom of the Drip Clips sink is flattened so it sits nicely on a flat surface. Drip Clips come with a magnetized faucet. Class up the desk, or get this as a gift for a plumber or renovator. Sorry, but you can’t actually wash your hands in it.

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Levitron World Stage

Levitron Ion The Levitron Ion is a globe floating above a magnet base. The globe will continuously rotate, even if you move an object or your hand under the globe. The Globe is quite detailed and includes place names. The magnet base uses a low voltage adapter which is included in the box. The Levitron base can also float many other objects up to 4oz. ...Read more or buy it here! Levitron World Stage The Levitron World stage has more features than the Levitron Ion. The rectangular magnetic base contains LED lights for a more amazing display. Just like the Ion model, the Levitron World Stage uses very powerful magnets in the base, as well as inside the globe, to...

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Mini Desktop Zen Garden

Find all types of Mini Zen Garden types through the links on this page. One example of Mini Desktop Zen Garden is the one seen here. This is the Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden. This is a rosewood finish desktop zen garden that comes with everything you see in the image on the left. That includes the sand, rakes, broom, swans and rocks. It also comes with a meditation handbook. There are many others besides this one. I picked this one out due to the tremendous amount of positive customer feed back reviews, but you can check out all of them through the following link: Browse all Mini Zen Garden options here. Zen Garden Pros: A lot of customer reviews, most...

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