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Nifty Vortex Bank 2 - Centrifugal Force Spinning Coin Piggy Bank (Demo and Where to Buy)

Bring the fun of those swirly donation coin things to your own home. Play with it over and over again. But don't stop donating to charity though. Your friends will also have fun playing with it and won't be able to stop throwing loose change into it. In fact, you could try telling them that it is locked and there is no way to open it up and they have to leave it in there when they leave. This is a simple to setup coin bank with only 3 pieces. The box includes: Clear Plastic top funnel Clear Plastic bottom base funnel Plastic ramp that snaps on easily Have fun saving money and seeing how much you have collected through...

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handicorn Unicorn Hand Puppet and Handitaur

This is the free market at work here people. Simple supply and demand. The world had a need for a way to transform your hand into a unicorn, and finally, someone stepped up to the plate and filled that need. This is a five piece hand puppet set that includes the four hooved legs, and the unicorn head with an expression on his face that indicates even he is surprised he exists. If the unicorn is not your style, or you want to get him (or her?) some friends, you can also get the Handi-horse, or the Handi-taur, which is like the horse but the head is a half man figure. Collect them all and have pen and pencil jousts (somehow) with...

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Best Smartphone Projectors - Smartphone Projector 2.0 Review (and Other Smartphone Projector Options)

A cool combination of modern technology and old school technology. I have seen instructions online on how to build something like this at home, but it would be way easier to just buy one all ready to go like this. Place your smartphone in the back and it projects to the wall nice and large to create your own personal home theater. It's a nice idea in theory but I think these cheap projectors lack a little in quality, unless you are just looking for a kids toy. Let's talk about these, as well as higher quality smartphone projectors. Get the Smartphone Projector here! (This is an Amazon affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission if you click it then...

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I Heart Guts Plush Toys

Just when you thought there was a plush toy of every kind already, along comes this crazy and unique plush toy concept. The I Heart Guts line of plush toys is not of the typical variety. These are well designed and brightly colored plush stuffed toys that resemble body organs. Everything from the popular heart version to sexual organs, food processing and digestion related organs, and everything in between.  Humongous Heart Plush Figure - I Got The Beat! This one is one of the most popular versions that has a lot of variety when it comes to gifting purposes. This is a red heart that is a true heart shape with realistic features. These organs also include informative tags so...

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iPhone Microscope Lens Adapter

The iPhone Microscope Lens Adapter you see here is just one example of several different versions. I selected this one because it is currently the only one with customer reviews to reference. They all differ in cost range and qualities.   As I mentioned, the above iPhone Microscope is just one version. This one has mixed reviews. These iphone microscope adapters will essentially transform your smartphone into a microscope with one simple attachment. This is the Thumbs Up iphone microscope that attaches to the iphone 4. The microscope produces a digital image that you can manually focus on the microscope. This particular microscope magnifies up to x100.  Some good reviews for basic use. A great gadget for some fun and...

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