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Flush Force Figures Toys

When your kids are getting on your nerves, just tell them to go play with their toilet toys. I don't really get it, I think it's some kind of "collect them all" type of deal. I can't judge though, because my generation played with reptiles and a rat that ate pizza in the sewers of New York. Check them out here...

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Pyro Mini Fireshooter - Wrist Flamethrower

Your mother always told you to never play with matches. Well technically these aren't matches, so I guess it's fine. Your very own fire ball launcher on your wrist. This is the Pyro Mini Fireshooter. I wouldn't have been able to think of a better name for it myself, it's pretty self explanatory. This fire making wrist rocket is not just some random product that some crazy person decided to put out there on the market. It's original purpose is for stage performers, like magicians, to create illusions and special effects. Now you can get this for personal use to play around with it at home. Here you can see the awesome effects of the Pyro Mini Fireshooter wrist flame...

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