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Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzles

This is another one of those categories where I couldn’t pick just one item to describe. The Hanayama Cast Puzzle aka metal Puzzles, come in so many unique forms. Hanayama is a toy company in Japan founded in 1972. They have created many of these cast puzzle games. The idea is to figure out how to disassemble the piece, then try to reassemble it. I will be describing a few of the cast metal puzzles I found to be the weirdest or coolest. In my family, jigsaw puzzles are usually very popular at holiday gatherings, but I think I might be shaking things up a bit this year with these cast metal puzzles, as well as wire puzzles, and yes,...

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Last Night on Earth Game

If you are a fan of zombies, this game looks very chilling and fun. The Last Night On Earth Board Game allows you to experience what it would be like to battle a bloody war between zombies and human heroes. Players can choose which side to be on in this zombie game. More details or buy it here. Choose a side, set up the board game and game pieces, pop in the Last Night On Earth CD. and get ready to survive! The “Last Night On Earth” CD is included with the board game and is not needed for game play, but it adds an extra spooky effect for the game play experience. The Last Night On Earth Board Game...

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Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Tables

Perhaps you didn’t know they were called Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Game Tables, but you know exactly what they are. Read More About Them or Buy Them Here Ok, I admit it, I am cheating just a tiny bit here. This site is dedicated to weird products and unique gift ideas. It might be a stretch that these Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Game tables are weird or unique, given they have been around forever. I wanted to feature Super Chexx products here because I came across them the other day, and I kinda miss them. I remember them being in every bar in my area, and now they almost seem extinct. If you are a bar or business owner of...

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Portable Ping Pong

Portable Ping Pong allows you to bring your table tennis game anywhere. This portable table tennis kit from Pongo, sets up in 10 seconds and packs up just a quickly and tightly. The Portable Ping Pong net stretches out as far as you need it to, up to 65 inches (Over 5 feet). The net is wound up on a spool inside the “posts” of the net. You can set the length for a smaller surface, or a wider one. The net on the portable ping pong set is kept nice and tight by the winding mechanism inside the posts. The posts are weighted to hold the net firmly in place. The weighted posts also have a non-slip/non-skid padding under...

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Carrom Board Game

Ever since discovering the Carrom Board Game, I have been totally fascinated by everything about it. If you like billiards and have always wanted a pool table, but just didn’t have the space, the carrom board game may be a perfect compromise. The origins of the carrom board game are not really certain, but it is believed to have been created in India or Sri Lanka. It has grown in popularity around the world, to the point of the creation of the ICF (International Carrom Federation) in 1988. Sounds pretty official. With the creation of the ICF also came the publishing of the official carrom board game rules. However, just as there are many different names for carrom, including carrum,...

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