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Tenzi Rules for the Tenzi Dice Game

Want a fun and fast paced game the whole family can enjoy? or just want a way to easily acquire a whole bunch of colored dice that you may never use? Then the Tenzi Dice Game is perfect for you. The faster you play, the funnier it gets. You will see the true colors of your friends and family's character come seeping out quickly. In other words, you will find out that Uncle Tim is a cheater, Aunt Sally has major anxiety issues, and Cousin Morty is very cool under pressure. Who knew you could get so much out of a simple dice game.

tenzi dice game multi colored dice kits.
Tenzi is a dice game that comes with the 4 stacks of ten dice per pack.

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Tenzi Rules: How to Play the Tenzi Dice Game

The Tenzi Dice Game is a simplistic and fast action dice rolling game for the whole family. It includes 4 stacks of colorful dice. Each stack contains ten dice, hence the name "Tenzi". The dice colors shown in the image are for demonstration purposes only, as your kit you buy online will be colored randomly. Perhaps I chose the wrong image, because the picture shown here depicts 4 packs of 40 each. Just a heads up, you are not buying 4 packs. You would be buy 1 single pack that contains 4 different stacks of 10 dice per stack. This picture merely shows the variation color scheme options available.

There are several ways to play the game. There are versions designed to play quickly to get it over and done with fast, and there are versions that may take a little longer. Below is an example of this.

Tenzi Dice Game Rules

Standard Game Play Rules: There are many different variations of Tenzi rules, plus the fact that you can invent your own game play versions. With that being said, the standard way to play is the following: 1. Each player receives a set of 10 dice. Each set of 10 comes as a different color.

2. All players begin rolling their dice at the same time. After your first roll, you will choose a number to set aside as your “match number”. For example, you might have rolled 3 fives, and decide to set aside those fives. The fives would then become your “match number”. For the rest of the game, you are on a fast paced mission to roll over and over, setting aside fives, until all ten of your dice are fives. Another way to play this version is "Tenzi Target", where you would all choose a number before hand and that's the targeted number you have to roll for.

3. The first person to convert all 10 dice into a single matching number must yell “Tenzi” (not Yahtzee). This person will be declared the winner. If you accidentally yell "Yahtzee", your opponents all get to kick you square in the bathing suit area until you cry. Ok, maybe I made that last part up.

Tenzi Tower Game Play: Play the exact same way as with the standard version, except now you must stack your dice as you go, which would slow you down and increase the stress level. I would also call this "Anxiety Tenzi", or "Forget it, I give up, I'm going home now...Tenzi"

Splitzi Tenzi Game Play: Instead of shooting for a single “match number” you could try shooting for two. That is, 5 of each.

Mega Tenzi Game Play: Tenzi on steroids! Use twenty dice each instead of ten. Perfect if you don't have enough players for the standard game play of four people.

More Tenzi Playing options and Ideas

  • You could add an extra caveat to each game play version, that says that you all have to roll to the same number, and decide on that number beforehand. This would be called “Target Tenzi”.
  • Get creative with your Tenzi variations and combine a few. Maybe you could play “Mega Target Splitzi Tower Tenzi”!
  • Play Tenzi 40 pickup. It's like 52 pickup with playing cards, except with dice. Make your friends super mad at you while you laugh.

I guess the only thing I don't quite understand is if you need a referee or it's just the honor system. If you are so focussed on rolling your own dice and getting dice matches, you may not realize that your opponent is secretly cheating by manually flipping their dice over to their desired number. Either that, or I just gave you a great tip on how to never lose at Tenzi ever again.

I know it kind of seems like you are just simply buying a package of dice, and technically this is true. However, think of it this way. There are tons of dice rolling games out there you can play that would require you to buy more dice. If you buy a package of Tenzi dice, you will have enough dice to play all variations of Tenzi, as well as pretty much every other dice game known to man. Consider it a life supply of dice! Well, if not life supply, at least a really long time supply until they all roll under the fridge or the dog buries them outside.

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