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The Man Sack Fanny Pack

Keep organized at the next golf outing with the man sack fanny pack. Store balls in one side, and your salty nuts in the other (you know...for snacking). 

Unlike your traditional style fanny pack that rides on the side hip, this pack is displayed prominently and proudly in front.

man sack fanny pack funny gag gift.
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The Man Sack Fanny Pack

We went through a phase where the fanny pack was kind of cool and useful, then a phase when the fanny pack on a man was made fun of.

Now we are back to being ok with the fanny pack, so long as you are wearing The Man Sack fanny pack. Plenty of sack room to store your goods. It simply straps around your waist and adjusts to your size.

You then wear it positioned in the front. You could slide it around to the side if you want, but then what's the point of that?

The Ball Sack Fanny Pack

mysack golf sack

Buy the MySack Golf pack here! If you need a very niche ball sack, you could take a look at this similar pack specifically for golf. This is the MySack golfing storage pack. Great for storing your balls, and also your nuts (you know...for snacking on between holes).

Now if only they can figure out how to add a section to hold my spare cucumber. OK fine, I admit it, I mean my spare plantain.

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