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Tick Talk Clock - Write On Clock

The Tick Talk Clock is a unique style of wall clock. This Tick Talk Clock is a wall clock with a comic book word bubble format for a more fun look in the nook. But the thing that makes this wall clock a stand out and unique product, is the fact that if you look closely at the image above, you will notice that each "character" representing the numbers have actually been drawn and written on with a marker.

You will get all the comic styled talking bubble cut outs and a center mechanism for the hands. You will then arrange them on the wall however you want and use a marker to make each number however you choose. You can write in the standard numbers, or you can get creative like the example in the picture. Use roman numeral, draw images, or make up your own numbering system to confuse the company that comes over to visit. It is a great easy project to help kids learn how to tell time.

The Tick Talk Clock is a unique style of wall clock from Umbra.

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The Tick Talk Clock


Creative idea that allows you to change the look and feel of your wall clock periodically, so you are not always stuck with the same boring clock on your wall for years. Get the kids to participate and learn how to tell time. Way cooler than a standard boring wall clock like the one at your grandma's house.

There are currently no customer feedback comments to reference at the moment. It is always handy to read what others have said, but in this case you are taking a chance. Fun for the whole family!

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