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Titanic Ice Cubes Tray

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Break the ice at your next party.

What?! Too soon? The Gin and Titonic - Titanic Ice Cubes Tray is a very creative mold. It allows you to freeze four Titanic Ice Cubes at a time, as well as four “icebergs”. Another weird product from the “Fred” company. Titanic Ice Cubes are designed with extra weight on one end, thus creating the sinking angle of the ship.

The Titanic Ice Cubes Tray is silicone, which makes it flexible and “bendy”, allowing for relatively easy removal of the ice cubes without breaking them (yes, I get the irony of that). This beats those old fashioned ice cube trays that you would have to twist until the ice cubes would either crack, or fly out, hitting you in the face, or landing in the filthy sink. Then you would swear, and refill it, and have to wait another few hours to have ice cubes. I think society is finally past that old fashioned ice cube tray stage. titanic ice cube demo This is a good demonstration image showing just what the finished product looks like after using these trays. This shows what one Titanic ship looks like along with several frozen ice bergs. Click this image for a lot more details and buying information. titanic ice cube tray close up Here is a good close up view of the silicone tray itself. You can see the details of the four Titanic shapes, and the four ice berg shapes. Read more product specifications, and read through a bunch of customer review comments by people who have purchased and used this product, by clicking the image of the ice cube tray seen here.

hde sunken ship iceberg ice cube tray This is a very similar, but competing brand of pretty much the same thing. This one is called the HDE Sunken Ship Iceberg Ice Cube Tray. They do not use the official Titanic name in the title, but it is the exact same premise. This one is also silicone. Just like the one discussed above, since these are silicone, you can use these for more than just water and ice, you can also use these for shaping chocolate, gelatin treats and more. These are also dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Click the image of this tray for a lot more information and learn how to buy them securely online from this source.

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