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Toe Toothbrush Holder

The Toe Toothbrush holder can hold more than just toothbrushes. You can hold other similarly sized items like pens or razors and so on. The one you see here is just one randomly selected toe holder.

 Have you ever had breath that stunk so bad that somebody had to kick through a wall and hand you a toothbrush with their foot so they could keep their distance. That's kind of what this suction cup toothbrush holder makes me think of when I look at it.

This Toothbrush holder uses a suction cup mechanism to attached firmly to any non porous surface. This includes the bathroom wall or your locker at school. You are not stuck with using it as just a toothbrush holder. You can also use it in an office to hold pens. The toothbrush or pen holder you see pictured above is approximately 1 inch in height and 3 inches wide.

The Toe Toothbrush Holder holds more than just toothbrushes to the wall.

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Unique design to make things a bit different in the bathroom or around the office. The suction seems to work quite while, at least according to a customer comment on the product page. I like the idea of hanging my toothbrush up somewhere rather than in a cup styled holder that can get gross at the bottom of it after a while.

Apparently, according to a customer comment, it is a bit difficult to remove the toothbrush from the grips of the toes. Perhaps it just takes a while to work it in. To brush holder holds pens or toothbrushes or razors.

The To-Brush Holder

Holds pens, pencils, razors, toothbrushes, and basically whatever you can think of that will fit in the grips of the toes. Very handy if you always lose your stationary on your messy and cluttered desk.

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