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Total Pillow Uses As Seen on TV - Twisting Travel Pillow

Sleep can be difficult to achieve with all of the different parts in your body that need support. Whether it is from sleeping on a couch or getting into bed, there are several places you might have trouble finding just what's needed for comfort - and now thanks to The Total Pillow! All you'll ever need in one pillow as seen on TV!.

In addition, they come in many colors so whether blue is your favorite color or green matches better with other aspects of your bedroom décor- whichever suits YOU best will work too.

blue total pillow packaging
The original standard blue Total Pillow.

check price of the total pillow here.

The Total Pillow - As Seen on T.V.

The Total Pillow is another one of those “as seen on TV” products. Often times, you will find that these TV commercials make you feel like it's the greatest invention in the history of mankind, it's a mystery as to how we got by this long without it. Then, of course, it arrives in the mail, and you end up disappointed with the quality, and you wasted your hard earn money.

Reading through the many customer reviews on Amazon, you will find that it is quite mixed, but most people seem to be satisfied with it. This tells me it's more than just some sneaky scam being sold at 3 am. This is no guarantee it will be right for you, but at least we can ensure that it's a legit product.

What is the Total Pillow and What are Some Total Pillow Uses?

Most people would look at the picture of the doughnut shaped cushion thing and think "ok, it's a round pillow. Big freaking deal."

Well, the big deal is that this one simple little pillow, replaces several of your specialty and therapeutic pillows. It can be manipulated to be used as:

  • Neck pillow for sleeping in awkward places like airplane seats and being the passenger on a long car trip.
  • Those round doughnut pillow things you sit on when you have hemorrhoids. Are they just called doughnuts? Also good just for office chairs in general.
  • Knee support pillow
  • General back support pillow

The Total Pillow is a 1 foot in diameter cushion, made with micro-bead technology that allows you to bend it and shape it however you want, and it stays in that shape until you change it again.

More Total Pillow Styles

For most people, the original standard blue pillow seen above is probably adequate, but some people may require a little more flair and personality.

The Total Pillow comes in several different styles, and they are always coming out with cool new ideas and patterns.

Leopard Print Total Pillow

total pillow leopard print

This is the leopard print version of the Total Pillow. Spotted leopard print on one side, and solid black on the other.

You can see the use of the pillow bent and folded for the right fit in the office as back support on your chair, used between the knees while sleeping, placed on top of a chair or stool for buttocks and lower back support, use it as a head rest in the car, or in many other ways.

Just a heads up though, this version is sometimes unavailable. It must be super popular. Read More...

Exclusive Designer Total Pillow

exclusive desisgner version of the Total Pillow
Exclusive Designer version of the Total Pillow

Ever wanted to be an "exclusive member" of something? Well here's your chance, sort of.

They call these the Exclusive Designer Total Pillows. I did a small amount of research, and I can't figure out why this is exclusive. I think this is just one of multiple versions that in their "designer" group.

Other designer versions include the (almost never available) leopard print shown above, as well as the burgundy, orchid cheetah, silky waves, and this one here, which is the blue cheetah.

You can select which one you want when ordering. More Details...

Jumbo Total Pillow

jumbo total pillow
Jumbo Total Pillow is %30 larger than the original, and comes with a handy carrying sack.

This version shown here is the exact same concept as what has been discussed and shown above, however this one is 30 percent larger. They call this one the Jumbo Total Pillow. This one also comes with a handy carrying case.

Just like the leopard print version, this one must be insanely popular too, because it is currently sold out at the time I'm typing this, and hard to keep in stock. Check if it's in Stock...

Total Pillow Knock-Offs

Ok, maybe "knock-off" is a harsh word in this case, but here are some similar products that get the job done. Either way, I would take any of these pillows over a lumpy jacket against the car window any day.

Neck Travel Pillow

neck travel pillow
The neck travel pillow can be shaped in several ways for neck and chin support.

Here you can see a few examples of how you could use the Travel Neck Pillow to support your neck, head and chin depending on how you prefer to sleep.

I don't know how well it does for other parts of the body like back and legs and so on.

Memory Foam Roll Pillow

memory foam roll pillow
Here is one I decided to start selling from this site because of the great reviews.
The Memory Foam Roll Pillow can bend and twist almost as good as the Total Pillow.


Just like the Total Pillow, you can bend and shape this memory foam roll pillow for neck and head support for a more comfortable travel experience.

Rather than a doughnut shape, this one is a cylinder, and conforms to your neck and spine shape, as well as your back for lumber support.



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