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Totoro Onesie Adult, Kids, and Babies

Are you a fan or Totoro and comfort? Combine the two with a Totoro Onesie.

The great news is you can get the Totoro Onesie for adults, kids and babies. 

They even come in different styles including footie pajamas.

totoro onesie

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Totoro Onesie

You can get the Totoro Onesie as a full set, or just the stand alone Totoro hoodie. Great for lounging around the house as the best pajamas ever, or use it as a Halloween costume. Other Totoro Kigurumi products can be purchased online as well, including the Totoro Hoodie or slippers. Buy them here.

As you can see, the style is meant to portray a larger cartoon character. This explains the puffy look. Normally, if you look like you are swimming in your pajamas, you would assume they don't fit. In this case however, it's meant to be that way.

Also notice the cool bonus feature of a tail. I'm not sure if that makes it a bit uncomfortable to sit on, but it does complete the look of the character.

One plus side of this cosplay costume, is the fact that they are technically unisex, so it doesn't matter who wears it. You don't have to worry about getting the girl one or the boy one.

What is the Totoro Onesie Based on?

Of course, the Totoro character is from the movie “My Neighbour Totoro”. The original studio Ghibli movie was an anime film made in 1988. Disney has recently re-made the animated movie, and is being released May 21st, 2013. The updated version is voiced by some Hollywood names such as Dakota Fanning.

“My Neighbour Totoro” is about a spirit in the woods that only children can see, and they embark on an adventure. The Totoro Onesie and Totoro Hoodie are based on that fictional spirit character. These are high quality fleece, and available in various sizes. The customer reviews are mostly positive and rather interesting.

More Totoro Onesie related Options and Accessories

totoro shall

Totoro Ghibli Cloak

This one is not a onesie, but it is from the Totoro line of fun clothing. They call this one the Totoro Ghibli cloak shawl cape. As the name suggests it is a combination of a cloak, shawl, and partial hoodie. See more camera angles of this product and browse through a bunch of other fashion items based on the Totoro line by clicking the image of the girl wearing the shawl seen here.

totoro pajamas for kids

Totoro Onesies for kids

The exact same onesies discussed above are also available in these smaller kid size versions as seen here. They don't come with the Totoro slippers that the kids are wearing in this picture, but you can also get those separately from this same source as well. You can select the right size upon ordering online. There are four different sizes available, and the sizing is based upon height of the child. See more details about these Totoro pajamas or browse through many other character onesies and pajamas by clicking the image of these kids seen here.

toddler totoro onesies

Toddler Totoro Onesies

As we keep moving on down the age groups, we come to the toddler section. This is a typical grey, much smaller, bite sized Totoro Onesie. These are basically footy pajamas, or a "romper" if you will.

baby totoro onesie

Totoro Onesies for Babies

So now for the last stop in line as far as age goes, that is, until they come out with a Totoro Onesie for fetuses. In the mean time, here we have the exact same theme as above, only a heck of a lot smaller, and way cuter. This is the baby version. This baby appears happy, so it must not be too itchy or too hot.

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