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Toxic Waste Candy

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The Toxic Waste Candy you see here are individually wrapped bulk packs of the sour candy. Great for parties or to use as Halloween candy. Read More About Them or Buy Them Here!


Good customer reviews for you to read through. Very sour if sour is the thing you enjoy in a candy. Many different versions of this candy all available from this same source.


While it does ship internationally in some cases, you may be located somewhere where it’s not available. Click the links on this page to get to the details page and find out.

toxic waste hazardoudly sour candy plastic drums This version of the same Toxic Waste candy comes in plastic drums like you see here. You would be getting a 12 pack of these 1.7 ounce drums. They call this product the Toxic Waste hazardously sour candy. Read more about the flavors and ingredients of this candy by clicking the image. You will also find customer review comments by people who have ordered and tasted these. You will also be able to browse through other similar types of sour candies. toxic waste special edition colored drums This is a special edition version of the Toxic Waste candy. They call this the Special Edition Color Drums. These are 12 plastic drums of hazardously sour candy with various different flavors. These drums and the ones above feature a concept where it starts off extremely sour, then you get to flavorful layers, then you get through to another layer of super crazy sour flavoring once again. Click the image of this special edition of Toxic Waste drums for a lot more details and customer reviews about these and other similar products. toxic waste smog balls You can also get these ball shaped sour candies as seen in the image of the package here. These are called Toxic Waste sour smog balls. As the package suggests, these are crunchy candy balls with a sour and chewy center. Click the picture of the package seen here for a lot more details about these and to browse through other similar sour candies from this brand and from other brands.

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